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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What mistake does the narrator make at Liberty Paints?
(a) He adds paint remover instead of the pigment to the paint
(b) He adds too much pigment to the paint
(c) He uses the wrong tank of paint
(d) He does not paint the sample correctly.

2. What does the narrator lack in Chapter 12?
(a) motivation to keep going
(b) A sense of direction
(c) his interest in returning to college
(d) money to live on

3. What does the moon symbolize?
(a) The vision of those in power.
(b) Intellectual vision that is defective
(c) The eye of God
(d) An eye that sees only what it chooses.

4. What does the narrator credit for his "call to action"?
(a) marijuana
(b) the girl in his dream
(c) his vision
(d) music

5. What does the doctor mean when he says they "picked poor robin clean"?
(a) They have completely destroyed the narrator's memories
(b) They have taken all the narrator's money.
(c) They have eliminated any possibility of getting a job.
(d) They have damaged the narrator's personality

6. In chapter 9, the narrator walks a short distance with another man. What is the man doing besides singing?
(a) Carrying blueprints
(b) leading a dog
(c) eating
(d) carrying a suitcase

7. What does the narrator recall having been given instead of a cigarette?
(a) a cigar
(b) liquor
(c) a beating
(d) marijuana

8. Where does the narrator find himself in chapter 11?
(a) a prison
(b) a mental ward
(c) a hospital
(d) the factory hospital

9. What procedure is performed on the narrator?
(a) mind control implants
(b) both castration and a lobotomy
(c) a prefrontal lobotomy
(d) castration

10. Ellison's original story was written about which of the following?
(a) An African American pilot
(b) A slave
(c) An African American author
(d) A sharecropper

11. What unexpected sight does the narrator see in New York?
(a) many black people
(b) many policemen
(c) people from many nationalities
(d) half-naked white women

12. Why does the narrator dump slush on a man's head?
(a) The man insulted him.
(b) The man greeted him with hostility.
(c) The man was preaching nonsense.
(d) He thinks the man is Bledsoe.

13. According to Ellison, which of the following is true during times of war?
(a) African American soldiers have greater stature than white soldiers
(b) African American soldiers and white soldiers are equal.
(c) African American soldiers are valued less than white soldiers.
(d) African American soldiers are considered heros by other nationalities

14. What does Mr. Norton give to Trueblood?
(a) Nothing
(b) A bottle of whiskey
(c) A hundred dollar bill
(d) A lecture on morality

15. Where is the vet going?
(a) Washington DC
(b) Canada
(c) New York
(d) an undisclosed location

Short Answer Questions

1. The main conflict of Ellison's original story revolves around

2. What bit of advice from the young Mr. Emerson does the narrator actually heed?

3. What is the real purpose of the Reverend's speech?

4. How did the narrator get invited to participate in the Battle Royal?

5. What does the narrator see as he is watching people leave the chapel?

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