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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the topic of the narrator's graduation day speech?
(a) Courage
(b) Equality
(c) Humilty
(d) Racial pride

2. What is the narrator afraid of losing?
(a) His scholarship
(b) His job.
(c) His identity
(d) The respect Mr. Bledsoe has for him.

3. Why does Mr. Bledsoe compose his face into a bland mask?
(a) He doesn't want the narrator to realize how upset he is.
(b) He wants to see Mr. Norton's reaction before revealing his own feelings.
(c) He doesn't want Mr. Norton to know he is angry with the narrator.
(d) He wants to hide the fact that he is angry with Mr. Norton.

4. When was the introduction of the novel written?
(a) Sporadically during the writing of the story
(b) Immediately after finishing the story.
(c) 30 years after the text itself
(d) Before the text of the story

5. How does the narrator excuse his lack of responsibility?
(a) The downtrodden should not be expected to assume responsibility
(b) Because he is invisible, he doesn't know what responsibility to take
(c) No one has ever given him responsibility
(d) Responsibility cannot happen without recognition

6. What is Trueblood's explanation of the rape of his daughter?
(a) He acted in a dream and didn't know what he was doing.
(b) His wife forced him into it.
(c) He confused his wife with his daughter because they were all in the same bed.
(d) His daughter dliberately seduced him.

7. What does the man in Emerson's office imply after reading the letter given him by the narrator?
(a) That the narrator is in fact someone else.
(b) That the narrator wrote the letters himself
(c) That Mr. Emerson is the wrong person to help the narrator.
(d) That that narrator has already seen Mr. Emerson.

8. Where does Bledsoe tell the narrator to go?
(a) back to the dormatory
(b) to Mr. Norton
(c) back to the Golden Day for the name of the doctor
(d) New York

9. Ellison's original story was written about which of the following?
(a) A sharecropper
(b) An African American author
(c) An African American pilot
(d) A slave

10. What does the narrator want to do in Chapter 12?
(a) make speeches
(b) spend time alone
(c) get a new job
(d) marry Mary Rambo

11. What does the cord in chapter 11 symbolize?
(a) separation
(b) loss
(c) rebirth
(d) isolation

12. What is the narrator's explanation for taking Mr. Norton to the Golden Day?
(a) The car was out of gas.
(b) Mr. Norton was driving
(c) He thought he could get medical help there
(d) Mr. Norton ordered him to go there

13. How does the narrator describe the students as they enter the chapel?
(a) They enter with the love a captured people has for their conquerors.
(b) They enter with dread and hesitation.
(c) They enter the chapel joyfully.
(d) They enter the chapel with resentment and fear.

14. What does Dr. Bledsoe call the narrator?
(a) a traitor
(b) a liar
(c) a slave
(d) an educated fool

15. Why is the narrator initially concerned about finding work as soon as possible?
(a) He hopes to save enough money for his fall tuition.
(b) He does not want to appear broke if he has to ask for credit for his room rent.
(c) He is afraid he will run out of money for rent.
(d) He is concerned about being able to buy food.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator lack in Chapter 12?

2. What does the narrator feel was his primary fault 20 years earlier?

3. What kind of speeches has the narrator given from the stage in the chapel?

4. What mistake does the narrator make at Liberty Paints?

5. What unexpected sight does the narrator see in New York?

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