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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is ironic about Trueblood's situation?
(a) The college wants him to leave.
(b) The college wants him to stay around.
(c) Other men have done the same thing.
(d) He receives charity from the whites.

2. What group of society is represented by the white men at the Battle Royal?
(a) Lower class (poor white men)
(b) Educators (professors, scientists)
(c) Middle upper class (supervisors, lawyers, bankers, etc)
(d) Leaders (governors, politicians)

3. The dark tunnel is symbolic of the narrator's
(a) lack of knowledge about himself
(b) unwillingness to face the truth
(c) lack of understanding about culture and society as a whole
(d) invisible nature in relation to white people

4. Bledsoe tells the narrator that he should not worry about
(a) being kicked out of school
(b) acting like a fool
(c) being punished
(d) pride and dignity

5. What mistake does the narrator make at Liberty Paints?
(a) He adds too much pigment to the paint
(b) He does not paint the sample correctly.
(c) He adds paint remover instead of the pigment to the paint
(d) He uses the wrong tank of paint

6. Why does the narrator have difficulty getting along on his first two jobs?
(a) He doesn't understand or fit in the blue-collar/union world
(b) He is too highly educated for the job
(c) He is the only black person on the job
(d) He is not correctly educated for the job

7. Why does Mary Rambo want to take the narrator home?
(a) She is in love with him
(b) To take care of him
(c) To take advantage of him
(d) She needs the company

8. The main conflict of Ellison's original story revolves around
(a) national poverty
(b) problems associated with war
(c) racial tension
(d) imperialism

9. What bit of advice from the young Mr. Emerson does the narrator actually heed?
(a) to call Liberty Paints and ask for a job
(b) to forget about Mr. Bledsoe
(c) to realize that he has no identity
(d) to return to the college

10. In addition to his memories, what else has the narrator lost?
(a) his strength
(b) his cash
(c) his fear
(d) his motivation

11. Why is Brockway hostile toward the narrator?
(a) He has heard of the narrator's mistake.
(b) He thinks the narrator is there to take his job.
(c) The narrator has difficulty following instructions.
(d) The narrator approaches him with a bad attitude.

12. What does the man in Emerson's office imply after reading the letter given him by the narrator?
(a) That Mr. Emerson is the wrong person to help the narrator.
(b) That the narrator wrote the letters himself
(c) That that narrator has already seen Mr. Emerson.
(d) That the narrator is in fact someone else.

13. Why does the narrator feel disillusioned when looking at the picture of the Founder?
(a) He realizes that he really has no hope of obtaining any power.
(b) He realizes that Mr. Norton is the one with the power.
(c) He understands that Mr. Norton is going to expel him.
(d) He realizes that Bledsoe is going to abuse his power.

14. What does Mr. Norton give to Trueblood?
(a) A hundred dollar bill
(b) A lecture on morality
(c) Nothing
(d) A bottle of whiskey

15. What is the narrator afraid of losing?
(a) His job.
(b) His scholarship
(c) The respect Mr. Bledsoe has for him.
(d) His identity

Short Answer Questions

1. What revelation does the "Tom Show" provide for Ellison?

2. Ellison's primary struggle in writing the book was

3. Why is the narrator offended by the man behind the drugstore counter?

4. Of what does the vet accuse Mr. Norton?

5. Where does Bledsoe tell the narrator to go?

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