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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the Reverend Barbee trip over Dr. Bledsoe?
(a) Dr. Bledsoe forgets to pull his legs back
(b) Reverend Barbee is blind.
(c) Reverend Barbee isn't watching where he is going.
(d) Someone distracts Reverend Barbee

2. Which of the following two concepts, in combination, does Ellison see as a "raft of hope."
(a) compassion and equality
(b) art and democracy
(c) democracy and truth
(d) equality and art

3. In chapter 9, the narrator walks a short distance with another man. What is the man doing besides singing?
(a) leading a dog
(b) Carrying blueprints
(c) carrying a suitcase
(d) eating

4. According to the vet, what does a white woman symbolize?
(a) sexuality
(b) freedom
(c) love
(d) possessions

5. What procedure is performed on the narrator?
(a) castration
(b) a prefrontal lobotomy
(c) mind control implants
(d) both castration and a lobotomy

6. How is the narrator's invisibility related to his residence?
(a) He lives in a building for whites and uses their electricity because they cannot conceive of his presence.
(b) He is able to come and go without being noticed.
(c) The whites allow him to stay there because they consider him unimportant.
(d) The white residents simply ignore him.

7. The narrator considers himself an invisible man because ____________________.
(a) people subconsciously ignore him
(b) people don't understand him
(c) people refuse to see him with their inner eyes
(d) people can't see him

8. What does the narrator tell Mr. Emerson that he wants to do with his future?
(a) become Mr. Bledsoe's assistant
(b) remain quietly in New York
(c) become a teacher
(d) get a high paying position in the city

9. According to the vet, who controls "things"?
(a) white people
(b) rich people
(c) black people
(d) white, upper-class males

10. Why does Mr. Bledsoe compose his face into a bland mask?
(a) He wants to hide the fact that he is angry with Mr. Norton.
(b) He doesn't want the narrator to realize how upset he is.
(c) He wants to see Mr. Norton's reaction before revealing his own feelings.
(d) He doesn't want Mr. Norton to know he is angry with the narrator.

11. What do some of the black men carry?
(a) shackles
(b) radios
(c) pouches strapped to their wrists
(d) brief cases

12. Why does the narrator have difficulty getting along on his first two jobs?
(a) He is not correctly educated for the job
(b) He doesn't understand or fit in the blue-collar/union world
(c) He is too highly educated for the job
(d) He is the only black person on the job

13. What revelation does the "Tom Show" provide for Ellison?
(a) It shows him that history is a part of the present
(b) It reveals the futility of fighting agains the majority.
(c) It convinces him that history will be repeated
(d) It convinces him that history cannot be changed.

14. What two groups of people must pay the price for being irresponsible?
(a) dreamer and cowards
(b) idealists and cowards
(c) lazy people and cowards
(d) sleepwalkers and dreamers

15. The narrator's pondering of his upcoming punishment is an example of what literary device?
(a) foreshadowing
(b) suspense
(c) allusion
(d) symbolism

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Bledsoe call the narrator?

2. What is the narrator afraid of losing?

3. Ellison's original story was written about which of the following?

4. What does the cord in chapter 11 symbolize?

5. How does the narrator get past the drunken vet in the road?

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