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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The concept of the character as invisible is symbolic of which of the following conditions?
(a) There are so many people like the hero that no one notices them.
(b) The character does not understand the truth of his situation.
(c) The character has deliberately denied his true place in society.
(d) Whites are morally blind to the checks and balances imposed on the African Americans.

2. The narrator's need to give speeches is an example of what literary device?
(a) irony
(b) audio imagery
(c) suspense
(d) foreshadowing

3. In chapter 9, the narrator walks a short distance with another man. What is the man doing besides singing?
(a) eating
(b) Carrying blueprints
(c) leading a dog
(d) carrying a suitcase

4. What does the narrator credit for his "call to action"?
(a) marijuana
(b) his vision
(c) music
(d) the girl in his dream

5. What does the narrator notice about the whites in the city?
(a) They appear to be making fun of him.
(b) The hardly seem to notice him.
(c) They are very nice to him.
(d) They are rude to him.

6. In addition to his memories, what else has the narrator lost?
(a) his strength
(b) his fear
(c) his motivation
(d) his cash

7. The veteran doctor claims to have been beaten for what?
(a) returning to the states
(b) failing to fulfil his duty
(c) getting drunk
(d) saving a life

8. The main conflict of Ellison's original story revolves around
(a) problems associated with war
(b) racial tension
(c) imperialism
(d) national poverty

9. What would the narrator like to add to his "hole"?
(a) a TV set
(b) four more radio-phonographs
(c) a phonograph player
(d) a kitchen

10. What is the vet's final advice to the narrator?
(a) Watch for opportunities to get close to people like Norton
(b) Find ways to manipulate people like Norton
(c) Stay away from people like Mr. Norton
(d) Defy people like Norton

11. How does the narrator's grandfather regard his own meekness?
(a) He considers himself a traitor.
(b) He considers himself a coward.
(c) He considers himself a victim
(d) He is proud of his choices.

12. How does the narrator regard Mr. Bledsoe?
(a) As a protector
(b) As an enemy
(c) As a role model.
(d) As an unpredictable element

13. What, ironically, makes the narrator's white bosses distrustful of him?
(a) his attitude
(b) his lack of experience
(c) his background and education
(d) his color

14. Ellison's original story was written about which of the following?
(a) A slave
(b) An African American pilot
(c) An African American author
(d) A sharecropper

15. What does the narrator recall having been given instead of a cigarette?
(a) marijuana
(b) a cigar
(c) liquor
(d) a beating

Short Answer Questions

1. Who else is on the bus to New York?

2. What does Mr. Norton give to Trueblood?

3. What does the man in Emerson's office imply after reading the letter given him by the narrator?

4. Why does Mary Rambo want to take the narrator home?

5. What had Mr. Trueblood done prior to his disgrace?

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