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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Brother Westrum opposed to the piece of chain on the narrator's desk?
(a) Because it shows difference instead of unity
(b) Because it shows a tendency to cling to the past
(c) Because it symbolically denies the possibility of equality
(d) Because it is a reminder of slavery

2. Dr. Bledsoe is preoccupied with what?
(a) keeping his position
(b) power
(c) getting even
(d) preventing Mr. Norton from expelling the narrator

3. For whom does the Brotherhood claim to work?
(a) Black people
(b) Those of their own party
(c) all people
(d) White people

4. Why does the narrator try to hide the figurine from Mary?
(a) Because he is trying to steal it
(b) Because he thinks it is unworthy of her
(c) Because he wants to take it to the Brotherhood
(d) Because he has broken it

5. Where does the road in the college town ultimately lead?
(a) To the college
(b) To a statue
(c) To a mental institution
(d) To a chapel

Short Answer Questions

1. What is ironic about the narrator's dance with Emma?

2. What does the narrator discover about Jack?

3. What is the narrator's explanation for taking Mr. Norton to the Golden Day?

4. What does Brother Tod Clifton do?

5. What does the narrator purchase after the confrontation with Ras?

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