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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mr. Norton explain the day's events?
(a) He claims the narrator took advantage of his (Norton's) illness
(b) He says the narrator was not responsible.
(c) He says the trip was the narrator's idea.
(d) He has no explanation.

2. What bit of advice from the young Mr. Emerson does the narrator actually heed?
(a) to realize that he has no identity
(b) to return to the college
(c) to call Liberty Paints and ask for a job
(d) to forget about Mr. Bledsoe

3. Why does the narrator consider his funeral speech a failure?
(a) He didn't think about singing the song before the old black man started it
(b) He had too little to say to the youth.
(c) He hadn't been able to talk about political issues.
(d) He hadn't been able to inspire the crowd to fight.

4. What does the narrator discover when he gets to the woman's apartment?
(a) Her husband is away
(b) the woman is divorced
(c) the woman is single
(d) her husband is dead

5. What does the narrator notice at the funeral that he would like to exploit?
(a) The large attendance on the part of the youth`
(b) The absence of the Brotherhood
(c) The carelessness of the policemen
(d) The tension of the crowd

Short Answer Questions

1. When was the introduction of the novel written?

2. Bledsoe tells the narrator that he should not worry about

3. What does the man in Emerson's office imply after reading the letter given him by the narrator?

4. What does the narrator purchase in Chapter 13 that reminds him of home?

5. How does the narrator portray himself at the end of Chapter 22?

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