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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the narrator's grandfather regard his own meekness?
(a) He considers himself a coward.
(b) He is proud of his choices.
(c) He considers himself a traitor.
(d) He considers himself a victim

2. What does the man in Emerson's office imply after reading the letter given him by the narrator?
(a) That the narrator is in fact someone else.
(b) That the narrator wrote the letters himself
(c) That Mr. Emerson is the wrong person to help the narrator.
(d) That that narrator has already seen Mr. Emerson.

3. How does the vet react when Mr. Norton tries to explain his interest in the college?
(a) The vet mocks Mr. Norton.
(b) The vet accuses Mr. Norton of ulterior motives.
(c) The vet accuses Mr. Norton of deception.
(d) The vet praises Mr. Norton.

4. According to Reverend Barbee, why does Dr. Bledsoe enjoy a position of apparent power?
(a) The Founder and Bledsoe were related.
(b) Dr. Bledsoe had performed favors for the Founder.
(c) The Founder told Reverend Barbee that Bledsoe deserved the position.
(d) The Founder, with his dying breath, asked Bledsoe to continue in his leadership

5. What does the narrator recall having been given instead of a cigarette?
(a) a beating
(b) a cigar
(c) liquor
(d) marijuana

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the narrator get invited to participate in the Battle Royal?

2. What object does Mary own that the narrator finds offensive?

3. What would the narrator like to add to his "hole"?

4. Whose words does the narrator contemplate as proof that he can have two identities and still be successful?

5. To what does Ras the Exhorter primarily object?

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