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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the narrator get past the drunken vet in the road?
(a) He pays the vet a bribe.
(b) He claims to be someone of importance.
(c) He tells him he has General Pershing in the car.
(d) He pretends he is about to run over the vet.

2. The image of the slave owners bidding for a naked girl is
(a) something the narrator recalls from his childhood
(b) a vison induced by marijuana
(c) a picture the narrator had seen in a book
(d) something that happened to the narrator's father

3. What is ironic about Trueblood's situation?
(a) He receives charity from the whites.
(b) Other men have done the same thing.
(c) The college wants him to leave.
(d) The college wants him to stay around.

4. How is the narrator's invisibility related to his residence?
(a) The white residents simply ignore him.
(b) He lives in a building for whites and uses their electricity because they cannot conceive of his presence.
(c) He is able to come and go without being noticed.
(d) The whites allow him to stay there because they consider him unimportant.

5. What had Mr. Trueblood done prior to his disgrace?
(a) He was a special singer at the college.
(b) He was an employee of the college.
(c) He was a guest lecturer
(d) He had been involved in tutoring the black students.

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator considers himself an invisible man because ____________________.

2. Of what does the vet accuse Mr. Norton?

3. According to Reverend Barbee, why does Dr. Bledsoe enjoy a position of apparent power?

4. The dark tunnel is symbolic of the narrator's

5. What kind of speeches has the narrator given from the stage in the chapel?

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