Invisible Man Character Descriptions

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The Reverend Homer A. Barbee

This character is a blind preacher from Chicago of substantial rhetorical skill who gives the Founder's Day speech at the college.

Dr. A. Herbert Bledsoe

This character is called "Old Buckethead" by the students and is the president of the college.

Lucius Brockway

This character is the invisible man's irascible second supervisor at Liberty Paints.

Brother Tod Clifton

This character is the leader of the Brotherhood youth. When the Brotherhood fails, he plunges into despair, becomes a street peddler and is ultimately killed by the police.


This female character is one of the first members of the Brotherhood the invisible man meets. She thinks the hero should be "a little blacker."


This character is idolized by the invisible man, although he is dead when the novel begins. This character considers himself a traitor to his race.


This character is the...

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