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• Ellison's story begins to reveal itself while he is on sick leave in Vermont

• Ellison's original story is about an African pilot in a prisoner of war camp.

• Ellison becomes aware of the complex issue of identity.

• Ellison sees and advertisement for the "Tom" show and becomes aware of the issue of African American identity.

• Ellison creates a character who can think as well as act
• The narrator introduces himself as the invisible man that people cannot see with their inner eyes.

• The narrator explains that he lives in a basement filled with over 1300 lights.

• The narrator explains his dream under the influence of marijuana.


• The narrator explains his grandfather's last words.

• On graduation day the boys are brought in front of a naked blond girl.

• The boys are teased with an electrified rug containing coins.

• The narrator receives a scholarship to a college for black...

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