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Short Answer Questions

1. What landmark do Brandy, Shannon, and Seth visit in Seattle?

2. Why is Shannon upset when Evie wears her clothes?

3. What magazine purchase does Manus claim is for his job?

4. What new item does Shannon notice on the family's dinner table?

5. What does Shannon believe is only possible with an audience?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Shannon shocked to see the picture on the Rhea sister's stereo?

2. What happens on the day that Shannon's bandages are removed when she visits the grocery store?

3. What has Shannon told her parents, instead of telling them about the accident?

4. What part does Evie play in the story?

5. What philosophy does Brandy Alexander have that Shannon finds attractive?

6. Why does Evie live in a mansion in the suburbs?

7. What does Shannon leave for the unconscious Brandy?

8. Why does Manus have pornography magazines around his apartment?

9. Why does Shane leave home in the first place?

10. What has "Shane" bought Shannon for Christmas?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Brandy credits the Rhea sisters with making her who she is. Who exactly are the Rhea sisters? How do the Rhea sisters help Brandy once she finds them? Why did Brandy allow the Rhea sisters to make her over? Who is responsible for calling Brandy's family with the news that she is dead? What kind of attitude do the Rheas instill in Brandy and how does this enable her adventures?

Essay Topic 2

Each of the characters in the novel wants attention. How is this need apparent in each character throughout the novel? What are the implications of needing an audience such as Evie not feeling real unless someone is watching or the baby who hurts himself and does not cry until his parents rush over? Do you think people need other people to make themselves feel real? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Shannon and Brandy's parents are strange people. How do they treat Shannon and Brandy as children? How do Shannon and Brandy remember their childhood? Why are their parents so obsessed with Shane after his death? How does their behavior alienate Shannon? Are their parents an examples of how we are all products of products of products? Why or why not?

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