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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What item does the policeman at the border want to see?

2. Where does Evie's family get their money?

3. Why do Brandy, Shannon, and Manus frequent open houses?

4. How does Shannon meet Brandy?

5. Where do Evie and Shannon go after modeling school?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why have Brandy and her comrades come to the open house?

2. What does the narrator warn the reader about the novel's structure?

3. Why does the narrator feel that she has no native tongue?

4. Why is Shannon angry when we sees herself, Manus, and Evie in the infomercial?

5. What philosophy does Brandy Alexander have that Shannon finds attractive?

6. What has Shannon told her parents, instead of telling them about the accident?

7. While watching television in the hospital, what infomercial does Shannon see?

8. Describe briefly the opening scene of the novel.

9. What is the one thing Shannon has wanted to be asked?

10. What subject is Evie most interested in during the pretend dramas she enacts with Shannon at the department store?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Do a character study of Manus Kelley. What role does he play in the novel? How does his relationships with the other characters further the plot? How does his character contribute to the central themes of the novel? Is he a static character or does he undergo changes throughout the text? Though he travels with Brandy and Shannon, would you consider him a main character or a supporting character? How are his many aliases representative of Manus himself?

Explore some of his female-hormone inspired rants on God, parents, and television. What points are the author trying to make about society through Manus? Why is Manus so obsessed with the idea that television makes people like God? Be sure to use examples from the text in your arguments.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the novel, Shannon gets more and more extreme in her actions. Detail her evolution from start to finish. How is the first Shannon we meet in the novel different from the final Shannon? Does she truly change in the novel? What are the major events that change her? What are the implications of the fires she sets? Choose specific events in the novel that are game-changers for her character.

Essay Topic 3

In the novel, each character goes through a transformation. Go through each major character one by one and explains their journey and ultimate conclusion. Be sure to use specifics from the text.

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