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Short Answer Questions

1. In the city with the large metal building in its center, what's inside each room of the building?

2. When he is quiet, what does Polo sometimes imagine?

3. By dissecting each city, what is Polo is trying to explain to Khan?

4. Khan's messengers advise him on the price of:

5. When the emperor tells Polo that he's dreamed up a city and describes it, what does Polo reply?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the city of Zenobia.

2. Why would you say the cities described by Polo in Chapter 3 have an especially dreamy quality about them?

3. Why does Polo say that it is best to visit Diomira on a September evening?

4. In what way is Tamara a city of perceptions and symbols?

5. Explain why Polo says that one cannot forget the city of Zora.

6. Khan and Polo each envision model cities. From these models, what are the two men able to deduce?

7. Why does Kublai Khan listen to Marco Polo's fantastic stories about cities he's visited?

8. How does Polo describe the young women of Armilla?

9. How does Khan react to Polo's stories when he's feeling euphoric about his empire?

10. How does Khan react upon growing impatient with Polo's stories?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Quite a few of Polo's descriptions reveal the condition of a city in its past, present, and future versions.

Part 1) How is the time line or chronology of a city illustrated by Polo's stories? Cite a few examples.

Part 2) What is the significance to Khan of showing him his cities through their chronology? What meaning or message is Polo trying to impart? What type of understanding does he hope the emperor will reach from this time line information?

Essay Topic 2

Khan alternates between being pessimistic and being optimistic about his empire.

1) What concerns and hopes does Khan have about his empire? Cite specific examples.

2) How do Polo's stories fuel or soothe the emperor's worries and ambitions?

3) Seeing Khan at odds with himself, how does Polo use this opportunity to expand the emperor's understanding of the cities within his empire?

Essay Topic 3

In many of Polo's stories, there is a strong relationship between the living and the dead.

Part 1) Give specific examples from the book of cities that exhibit some type of connection between those who are alive and those who have passed on.

Part 2) Why does Polo cover this theme? Why does he return to it again and again? What is he trying to establish, either for himself or for the emperor, regarding the interconnectedness of the living and the dead?

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