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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 5, as Khan sits in his palace visualizing the growth of his empire, what does he see?
(a) Conquered territories spreading further into other regions.
(b) More innovations coming from his empire's brightest minds.
(c) Overpopulation leading to famine and disease.
(d) Warriors from the west coming to fight for his empire.

2. In Trude, only the name of what changes?
(a) Its hospital.
(b) Its man-made mountain.
(c) Its airport.
(d) Its lake.

3. Leandra is protected by two species, both of which are:
(a) Similar in appearance to wolves.
(b) Extraordinarily large and strong.
(c) Too tiny to be seen.
(d) Winged and armed with dart guns.

4. Which of the following is not true about the city of Beersheba?
(a) There are two projections of Beersheba.
(b) The most talented architects built the underground version of Beersheba.
(c) Residents highly regard the Beersheba that exists below.
(d) Its people honor everything that represents Beersheba's heavenly counterpart.

5. In Chapter 8, Khan comes to realize that knowledge of his empire can be found in:
(a) The hidden clues in Polo's stories.
(b) The hidden patterns on a chessboard.
(c) The hidden spaces between spoken words.
(d) The hidden places in his vast garden.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Khan question Polo's motives for travel?

2. When Khan travels to visit Kin-sai, what does Polo do?

3. What do the people of Beersheba believe?

4. What does Polo describe Eusapia as?

5. In Esmeralda, people can choose to travel by:

Short Essay Questions

1. In what significant way is Argia different from all other cities Polo describes?

2. How does Polo use the game of chess to help Khan better understand the cities of his empire?

3. In Chapter 5, how does Polo illustrate to Khan the connections that hold cities together?

4. Leonia, the city that reinvents itself daily, is in danger of what?

5. Who lives in the underground city of Eusapia, and who has access to it?

6. What does Polo say to Khan when the emperor points out that he never speaks of Venice?

7. It's not always clear in the story if Khan is speaking to Polo or merely imagining a conversation, such as when he supposedly confronts Polo regarding Venice. Whether the conversation happened or was imagined, what does Khan accuse Polo of regarding Venice?

8. Describe the two sides of the city of Moriana.

9. Describe the significance of the strings in the city of Ersilia.

10. How does the perception of the city of Irene change depending on whether it's viewed by passersby or by inhabitants?

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