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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Khan travels to visit Kin-sai, what does Polo do?
(a) Accompanies him.
(b) Warns him not to go.
(c) Stays behind.
(d) Congratulates him.

2. What do the people of Beersheba believe?
(a) Their emperor favors Beersheba above all other cities.
(b) They are descended from ancient gods.
(c) Another Beersheba exists, suspended in the heavens.
(d) They are living in a dream.

3. When a traveler arrives at Phyllis, what does he decide to do?
(a) Relax in the public baths.
(b) Sleep by day and explore by night.
(c) Dance, sing, and eat.
(d) Stay there for the rest of his life.

4. What types of objects are found in Clarice's museums?
(a) Only things of unsurpassed beauty.
(b) Random artifacts, such as baskets and urns.
(c) Nothing--the museums are empty.
(d) Paintings of everything that has ever existed in the city.

5. Polo lays assorted items at the feet of Khan and uses them for what?
(a) To explain the conditions of the empire.
(b) To pay for some of his travels.
(c) To teach him the basics of trade.
(d) To impress the emperor with gifts from afar.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Esmeralda, who moves through the sewers with the rats?

2. Polo says that Clarice is:

3. In Esmeralda, people can choose to travel by:

4. What is at the center of Moriana?

5. In Chapter 5, as Khan sits in his palace visualizing the growth of his empire, what does he see?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Polo use the game of chess to help Khan better understand the cities of his empire?

2. How do the people of Beersheba regard the heavenly version of their city?

3. Describe the two species that protect Leandra.

4. Leonia, the city that reinvents itself daily, is in danger of what?

5. In what significant way is Argia different from all other cities Polo describes?

6. Describe the two sides of the city of Moriana.

7. Describe Esmeralda, the city of water.

8. When people get lost in Eudoxia, what do they look at to find their bearings?

9. Describe the dialogue that Khan and Polo have regarding the arched bridge made of stone.

10. In Chapter 5, how does Polo illustrate to Khan the connections that hold cities together?

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