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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter 2, what do Khan's messengers warn of?
(a) Battles.
(b) Disease.
(c) Betrayal.
(d) Famines.

2. What does Polo say he gauges everywhere he travels to?
(a) Amount of happiness left in the empire.
(b) Wealth of each region.
(c) The level of dissent in each city of the empire.
(d) Military strength of every location.

3. Polo gives Khan impressions of:
(a) His cities and their inhabitants.
(b) The meaning of life.
(c) The financial state of the empire.
(d) What other leaders think of him.

4. When strangers arrive to Zobeide, what impression do they have of the city?
(a) They've seen this place before in their dreams.
(b) They feel a deep longing in their hearts.
(c) It looks like a piece of heaven.
(d) They do not understand what drew people here.

5. When Polo goes to Hypatia, what does he learn?
(a) The meaning of life.
(b) The essence of spiritual existence.
(c) The nature of changing language.
(d) The mathematics behind its architecture.

Short Answer Questions

1. By dissecting each city, what is Polo is trying to explain to Khan?

2. At the conclusion of Chapter 1, Khan is completely satisfied with Polo's explanations but still remembers what?

3. When Polo speaks of Zemrude, one of the views he offers is filled with:

4. If a traveler walks into Zemrude with his head held down by grief, how will he see the city?

5. Polo says that Zaira is defined by:

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why Polo says that one cannot forget the city of Zora.

2. What does Polo come to realize about language in Hypatia?

3. What does Polo not know about Armilla?

4. How does the information provided to Khan by his other messengers differ from what Polo shares?

5. Describe the city of Zenobia.

6. Why would you say the cities described by Polo in Chapter 3 have an especially dreamy quality about them?

7. What special ability does the mirror image of Valdrada possess?

8. In Chapter 4, why does Polo dissect every city he describes to Khan?

9. When Khan instructs Polo to find the city from his dreams that has a north-facing harbor from which ships regularly leave as the people ashore wave their last goodbyes, what does Polo say?

10. Describe life in Eutropia, which is made up of many individual cities of equal size.

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