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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Khan describes cities to Polo, what does he tell Polo to do?
(a) Tell him whether or not he's been there.
(b) Offer what is most beautiful in each city.
(c) Predict their future success.
(d) Tell him if they exist.

2. Once Polo is able to speak a language that Khan understands, he can:
(a) Be very precise in his descriptions.
(b) Request to go on more voyages.
(c) Demand greater pay.
(d) Be arrogant and disagreeable.

3. In Hypatia, when Polo wants to see the sultan at the palace, who is he allowed to question instead?
(a) Philosophers.
(b) The sultan's shoemaker.
(c) The second in command.
(d) Servants.

4. Which city has supposedly languished and deteriorated, forgotten by the earth?
(a) Isaura.
(b) Zirma.
(c) Zora.
(d) Tamara.

5. What creates connections between lives in Chloe?
(a) The way everyone lives in close, tight-knit communities.
(b) The city's 103-year-old patriarch.
(c) The fact that everyone is related to everyone else in some way.
(d) Something about their glances.

Short Answer Questions

1. Maurilia was once:

2. Who tells Polo in Hypatia that, "signs form a language, but not the one you know."

3. Polo first describes the city of Diomira to Khan as:

4. In order to really understand the language of Hypatia, what must Polo do?

5. At Euphemia, how many different nations gather to trade?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way is Tamara a city of perceptions and symbols?

2. Why does Polo say its pointless to try to describe the city of Zaira?

3. In Chapter 4, why does Polo dissect every city he describes to Khan?

4. When Khan instructs Polo to find the city from his dreams that has a north-facing harbor from which ships regularly leave as the people ashore wave their last goodbyes, what does Polo say?

5. Describe life in Eutropia, which is made up of many individual cities of equal size.

6. What is the significance of the evening breeze that Khan and Polo enjoy while conversing on the steps of the palace?

7. What is it about Anastasia that it would make slaves of men?

8. What special ability does the mirror image of Valdrada possess?

9. Why would you say the cities described by Polo in Chapter 3 have an especially dreamy quality about them?

10. Located 80 miles northwest of Zenobia, what is the city of Euphemia like?

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