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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of these is not a city described by Polo in Chapter 2?
(a) Zenobia.
(b) Kublai.
(c) Maurilia.
(d) Euphemia.

2. Where is the city of Valdrada built?
(a) In a fertile valley.
(b) On the shores of a lake.
(c) At the edge of a dense forest.
(d) On the top of a mesa.

3. The various depictions of Fedora show what?
(a) What the city looks like at different times of the year.
(b) An idealized version of the city.
(c) Particular sections of the city.
(d) How the city appeared at different junctures in history.

4. Once Polo is able to speak a language that Khan understands, he can:
(a) Be arrogant and disagreeable.
(b) Demand greater pay.
(c) Be very precise in his descriptions.
(d) Request to go on more voyages.

5. At the conclusion of Chapter 1, Khan is completely satisfied with Polo's explanations but still remembers what?
(a) To pretend to question Polo's accuracy.
(b) The symbols and emblems Polo once used.
(c) How ridiculous Polo looked when he used more gestures.
(d) That Polo used to lie to him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Polo describes a city with two forms of religion. In one, the gods live in a subterranean lake. In the other, the gods live where?

2. By dissecting each city, what is Polo is trying to explain to Khan?

3. As Kublai Khan listens to the reports of his envoys and tax collectors while walking through his garden, his messengers speak in languages that:

4. What does Polo say he gauges everywhere he travels to?

5. In Armilla, what is one likely to catch a glimpse of?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way is Tamara a city of perceptions and symbols?

2. What does Polo not know about Armilla?

3. Describe life in Eutropia, which is made up of many individual cities of equal size.

4. What is the significance of the large metal building located at the center of Fedora?

5. Describe the gods in the two religions of Isaura.

6. How does Polo describe the young women of Armilla?

7. What special ability does the mirror image of Valdrada possess?

8. Why does Polo say that it is best to visit Diomira on a September evening?

9. In Chapter 4, why does Polo dissect every city he describes to Khan?

10. How does the information provided to Khan by his other messengers differ from what Polo shares?

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