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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Khan describes cities to Polo, what does he tell Polo to do?
(a) Tell him whether or not he's been there.
(b) Tell him if they exist.
(c) Offer what is most beautiful in each city.
(d) Predict their future success.

2. As Kublai Khan listens to the reports of his envoys and tax collectors while walking through his garden, his messengers speak in languages that:
(a) He doesn't understand.
(b) Are understood only by members of royalty.
(c) He developed.
(d) They made up.

3. Which city is described as a place where traitors are strung from lampposts and old men sit on docks, telling stories while mending fishing nets?
(a) Zirma.
(b) Isidora.
(c) Zaira.
(d) Anastasia.

4. What is Eutropia composed of?
(a) One large city surrounding a smaller city.
(b) A number of equally sized cities.
(c) Three cities separated from each other by a lake.
(d) Island cities within a vast lake.

5. Khan tells Polo about his dreams of a city where the farewells from its harbor are what?
(a) Insincere.
(b) Indifferent.
(c) Tearful but silent.
(d) Joyous and celebratory.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which city is said to be between two deserts, one of sand and one of water?

2. How does Polo describe the people of Chloe?

3. Which city has supposedly languished and deteriorated, forgotten by the earth?

4. Which city do visitors consider to be a trap?

5. Polo says that each action in Valdrada is inverted in:

Short Essay Questions

1. What eventually happens to travelers who decide to stay in Phyllis to discover all of its secrets?

2. What current cities does Polo see when he looks at the map showing the foundations of new cities?

3. Who lives in each of the three mini cities of Laudomia?

4. It's not always clear in the story if Khan is speaking to Polo or merely imagining a conversation, such as when he supposedly confronts Polo regarding Venice. Whether the conversation happened or was imagined, what does Khan accuse Polo of regarding Venice?

5. Describe the two species that protect Leandra.

6. Leonia, the city that reinvents itself daily, is in danger of what?

7. What is it about Anastasia that it would make slaves of men?

8. As Khan visualizes the growth of his empire, what are some of the concerns he has?

9. How does Clarice preserve and display its history?

10. How do the people of Beersheba regard the heavenly version of their city?

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