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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Esmeralda, people can choose to travel by:
(a) Camel or horse.
(b) Land or boat.
(c) Foot or rickshaw.
(d) Flying ships or water vessels.

2. In Esmeralda, who moves through the sewers with the rats?
(a) The cleaning crew.
(b) Conspirators and smugglers.
(c) Prisoners.
(d) Lepers.

3. Looking at Argia from above, what does one see?
(a) Green rooftops.
(b) Snakes.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Sadness.

4. In Clarice, people take parts of the old city and use them in different ways for what?
(a) Decorating their homes and gardens.
(b) Building the new city.
(c) Creating tools for growing crops and hunting.
(d) Building musical instruments.

5. When Polo lands at the furthest city to which he's ever traveled, he arrives when?
(a) At the solstice.
(b) During the hour of the wholesale fish market.
(c) In the middle of the city's festival of light.
(d) At the start of the harvest.

6. How does Polo describe the city of Olinda?
(a) Like the billowing clouds of summer.
(b) Like trees, it grows in concentric circles.
(c) Longing for a renewed version of itself.
(d) Lonely, lovely, and lost.

7. When Khan travels to visit Kin-sai, what does Polo do?
(a) Stays behind.
(b) Accompanies him.
(c) Warns him not to go.
(d) Congratulates him.

8. What is Octavia known as?
(a) The land of lost dreams.
(b) The spider-web city.
(c) The city of mist.
(d) Home of the forgotten children.

9. What is one of Khan's biggest worries regarding his empire?
(a) It will be forgotten by the rest of the world.
(b) It will be stolen from him.
(c) It will be crushed under its own weight.
(d) Its people will grow disillusioned.

10. Each person in Melania is what?
(a) Regarded as both mother and father to everyone else.
(b) Born into a role.
(c) Expected to understand existence.
(d) Tested at the age of five.

11. The people of Adelma remind Polo of what?
(a) Princes and princesses.
(b) Overstuffed toads.
(c) Friends and relatives who have died.
(d) Spoiled children.

12. What does Leonia do on a daily basis?
(a) Reinvents itself.
(b) Flies kites.
(c) Calibrates its clocks.
(d) Sends messages in bottles.

13. What is Esmeralda layered with?
(a) Flower-covered windowsills and green rooftops.
(b) Sturdy canvas covers of many colors.
(c) Terraces and rice fields.
(d) Stairs, landings, and bridges.

14. Worried about his own empire, Khan begins to dream of cities that are:
(a) Indestructible.
(b) Light as feathers and transparent.
(c) Just starting to grow.
(d) Protected by solid stone walls.

15. When families in Leandra move in to new houses, who follows them?
(a) Servants.
(b) Their protectors.
(c) Silent wanderers.
(d) Ghosts.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 8, Khan comes to realize that knowledge of his empire can be found in:

2. Octavia is full of:

3. The more Khan listens to Polo's stories, the less certain he is that he is sitting in the garden or:

4. When Polo finds Khan seated at a chessboard, what does the emperor invite Polo to do?

5. The people of Lenia awaken each day and:

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