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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Khan dream his lands are filled with?
(a) Innovative architecture.
(b) The brightest, most beautiful people.
(c) Promise and rich growth.
(d) Gold, silver, and bronze.

2. How does Polo describe Moriana?
(a) A beautiful city of coral and villas like glass aquariums.
(b) A peaceful place with soft cushions and comfortable beds.
(c) A confounding city filled with smoke and mirrors.
(d) A refuge for the gentle and brokenhearted.

3. Why does Khan wonder when Polo actually has time to travel to far-off cities?
(a) He frequently spots Polo entertaining friends in Khan's city.
(b) Polo is too busy with his job of head counselor.
(c) It appears Polo has never moved from Khan's garden.
(d) Polo is too busy writing down his travel accounts.

4. What is the furthest city to which Polo has ever traveled?
(a) Eudoxia.
(b) Phyllis.
(c) Adelma.
(d) Pyrrha.

5. The houses in Argia are filled with what?
(a) Clay.
(b) Tea pots.
(c) Gold.
(d) Lizards.

6. The people of Baucis have:
(a) Everything they need in the clouds.
(b) A desire to share their knowledge with their neighbors.
(c) Incomparable courage and determination.
(d) Nothing left in their storage silos.

7. Each person in Melania is what?
(a) Tested at the age of five.
(b) Expected to understand existence.
(c) Born into a role.
(d) Regarded as both mother and father to everyone else.

8. Which of the following is not true about the city of Beersheba?
(a) Its people honor everything that represents Beersheba's heavenly counterpart.
(b) The most talented architects built the underground version of Beersheba.
(c) Residents highly regard the Beersheba that exists below.
(d) There are two projections of Beersheba.

9. What do the residents of Ersilia do?
(a) Build fantastic stringed instuments.
(b) Hang strings from the their ceilings.
(c) Tie strings around their trees.
(d) Stretch strings from the corners of their houses.

10. How does Polo describe the city of Olinda?
(a) Like the billowing clouds of summer.
(b) Longing for a renewed version of itself.
(c) Lonely, lovely, and lost.
(d) Like trees, it grows in concentric circles.

11. The more Khan listens to Polo's stories, the less certain he is that he is sitting in the garden or:
(a) Riding through places Polo describes.
(b) Sitting in a prison.
(c) Dreaming in his sleep.
(d) Locked up in a mental health hospital.

12. What does Polo describe Eusapia as?
(a) Cold.
(b) Unreliable.
(c) Carefree.
(d) Disciplined.

13. Most inhabitants of Eudoxia believe that the pattern of its carpet is:
(a) Of divine origin.
(b) Unparalleled in its complexity.
(c) Hopelessly baffling.
(d) Impossible to reproduce.

14. What is at the center of Moriana?
(a) An enormous hole plunging into the depths of the earth.
(b) It is hard to tell--there is too much smoke everywhere.
(c) Nothing--the city only has front and back sides.
(d) A strange contraption that controls the thoughts of its residents.

15. What does a traveler arriving to Baucis see?
(a) Blue arches.
(b) Rope bridges.
(c) Golden stairs.
(d) Slender stilts.

Short Answer Questions

1. When a traveler arrives at Phyllis, what does he decide to do?

2. The form of the city of Eudoxia is preserved in a carpet. When someone who is lost stares at this carpet, what happens?

3. As he travels through Adelma, what does Polo wonder?

4. In Eusapia, what is there really is no way of knowing anymore?

5. What is Esmeralda layered with?

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