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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Argia, what are the streets filled with?
(a) Jewels.
(b) Dirt.
(c) Frogs.
(d) Buttons.

2. The more Khan listens to Polo's stories, the less certain he is that he is sitting in the garden or:
(a) Riding through places Polo describes.
(b) Sitting in a prison.
(c) Dreaming in his sleep.
(d) Locked up in a mental health hospital.

3. Esmeralda is known as the city of what?
(a) Promise.
(b) Rainbows.
(c) Emeralds.
(d) Water.

4. In Trude, only the name of what changes?
(a) Its hospital.
(b) Its man-made mountain.
(c) Its lake.
(d) Its airport.

5. Can the reader tell with certainty whether or not Polo's many cities actually exist?
(a) Only in a handful of cases.
(b) No.
(c) Yes.
(d) Yes, in most cases.

6. If someone wants to see the blueprint for the city of Thekla, what will he be told?
(a) To come back after the working day.
(b) The blueprint was lost in a fire.
(c) The blueprint changes from one hour to the next.
(d) It is buried deep beneath the city.

7. As the two men sit smoking their pipes, does Khan actually confront Polo?
(a) It's not clear whether this actually happens or Khan only imagines it.
(b) The whole sequence is just Khan's dream.
(c) Yes, Khan definitely confronts Polo.
(d) No, Khan never confronts Polo.

8. When Polo finds Khan seated at a chessboard, what does the emperor invite Polo to do?
(a) Teach him how to play the game.
(b) Use the chess pieces to describe cities he has visited.
(c) Have a cup of tea while Khan finishes his game.
(d) Sit and play a game with him.

9. What is one of Khan's biggest worries regarding his empire?
(a) It will be crushed under its own weight.
(b) Its people will grow disillusioned.
(c) It will be stolen from him.
(d) It will be forgotten by the rest of the world.

10. The form of the city of Eudoxia is preserved in a carpet. When someone who is lost stares at this carpet, what happens?
(a) One enters a state of deep sleep.
(b) One becomes hopelessly lost.
(c) The carpet reveals the exact street on which one stands.
(d) A guide appears to lead the lost sojourner home.

11. Khan wonders why Polo never speaks of:
(a) His family.
(b) His past studies.
(c) Venice.
(d) Tuscan.

12. When Polo describes a bridge made of stone, Khan wants to know:
(a) Whether the stones are rough or smooth.
(b) How many stones are in the bridge.
(c) How large the stones are.
(d) Which stone supports the bridge.

13. Clarice is known for its cycle of death and rebirth and:
(a) Its yearly festival honoring the dead.
(b) Falling to ruin and being rebuilt.
(c) Burning to the ground and rising from the ashes.
(d) Its adherence to the idea of reincarnation.

14. What types of objects are found in Clarice's museums?
(a) Only things of unsurpassed beauty.
(b) Nothing--the museums are empty.
(c) Random artifacts, such as baskets and urns.
(d) Paintings of everything that has ever existed in the city.

15. In Chapter 5, as Khan sits in his palace visualizing the growth of his empire, what does he see?
(a) Overpopulation leading to famine and disease.
(b) Conquered territories spreading further into other regions.
(c) Warriors from the west coming to fight for his empire.
(d) More innovations coming from his empire's brightest minds.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 8, Khan comes to realize that knowledge of his empire can be found in:

2. Octavia is full of:

3. When a traveler arrives at Phyllis, what does he decide to do?

4. In Clarice, people take parts of the old city and use them in different ways for what?

5. Polo tells Khan that it is possible the whole world is covered with what?

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