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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 5, as Khan sits in his palace visualizing the growth of his empire, what does he see?
(a) Warriors from the west coming to fight for his empire.
(b) Overpopulation leading to famine and disease.
(c) Conquered territories spreading further into other regions.
(d) More innovations coming from his empire's brightest minds.

2. How does Polo describe Moriana?
(a) A peaceful place with soft cushions and comfortable beds.
(b) A beautiful city of coral and villas like glass aquariums.
(c) A refuge for the gentle and brokenhearted.
(d) A confounding city filled with smoke and mirrors.

3. Why does Khan wonder when Polo actually has time to travel to far-off cities?
(a) He frequently spots Polo entertaining friends in Khan's city.
(b) It appears Polo has never moved from Khan's garden.
(c) Polo is too busy with his job of head counselor.
(d) Polo is too busy writing down his travel accounts.

4. Who are the Penates and the Lares?
(a) The two main tribes of Ersilia.
(b) The guardians of Baucis.
(c) The ancestors of Melania's inhabitants.
(d) The two species that protect the people of Leandra.

5. What does Polo say that Pyrrha represents for him?
(a) All the cities he's never seen.
(b) The ultimate in decadence.
(c) The perfect city.
(d) The picture of his childhood dreams.

6. What items from his travels does Polo spread at the feet of Khan in Chapter 8?
(a) A spear, a chess set, and a hat.
(b) A helmet, a seashell, a coconut, and a fan.
(c) A wooden box, a book, and a locket.
(d) A violin, a silk jacket, a bowl, and a feather.

7. If someone wants to see the blueprint for the city of Thekla, what will he be told?
(a) To come back after the working day.
(b) It is buried deep beneath the city.
(c) The blueprint changes from one hour to the next.
(d) The blueprint was lost in a fire.

8. How does Melania's population renew itself?
(a) By reciting vows at the start of each new year.
(b) By being reborn and living multiple lives.
(c) Through the annual "Festival of Renewal."
(d) Through the acting out of an ongoing dialogue.

9. What does Khan dream his lands are filled with?
(a) Gold, silver, and bronze.
(b) The brightest, most beautiful people.
(c) Innovative architecture.
(d) Promise and rich growth.

10. In Chapter 8, Khan comes to realize that knowledge of his empire can be found in:
(a) The hidden clues in Polo's stories.
(b) The hidden patterns on a chessboard.
(c) The hidden places in his vast garden.
(d) The hidden spaces between spoken words.

11. What happens to the city of Irene as one approaches it?
(a) It spins.
(b) It changes.
(c) It floats away.
(d) It vanishes.

12. Who are honored throughout Leonia?
(a) Street cleaners.
(b) Elders.
(c) Clock makers.
(d) Travelers.

13. What does Leonia do on a daily basis?
(a) Sends messages in bottles.
(b) Calibrates its clocks.
(c) Flies kites.
(d) Reinvents itself.

14. What types of objects are found in Clarice's museums?
(a) Only things of unsurpassed beauty.
(b) Random artifacts, such as baskets and urns.
(c) Nothing--the museums are empty.
(d) Paintings of everything that has ever existed in the city.

15. When Khan travels to visit Kin-sai, what does Polo do?
(a) Warns him not to go.
(b) Accompanies him.
(c) Stays behind.
(d) Congratulates him.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Polo studies the wood of Khan's chessboard, what does he point out?

2. What does Polo describe Eusapia as?

3. The people of Lenia awaken each day and:

4. To make the passing from life to death less abrupt, what have the people of Eusapia done?

5. Clarice is known for its cycle of death and rebirth and:

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