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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the emperor tells Polo that he's dreamed up a city and describes it, what does Polo reply?
(a) It's the city Polo was just describing.
(b) He praises the emperor's wit and imagination.
(c) He asks to not be interrupted again.
(d) It's the most fantastic city Polo has ever heard of.

2. When the people of Chloe pass each other in the street, what do they do?
(a) Bow deeply to each other.
(b) Picture each other wearing different clothes.
(c) Stop to exchange warm greetings.
(d) Imagine entire lives for each other.

3. The people of Valdrada know their actions are repeated:
(a) By their descendents.
(b) In the mirror image of the lake.
(c) By actors performing in monthly plays.
(d) In a parallel dimension.

4. Polo describes a city with two forms of religion. In one, the gods live in a subterranean lake. In the other, the gods live where?
(a) The blades of windmills.
(b) The top of the volcanic mountain.
(c) Statues and monuments.
(d) Clouds that bring rain.

5. What does Polo see rising vertically in Armilla?
(a) Stacks of seashells.
(b) Tall, slender windmills.
(c) Pipes where the houses should be.
(d) Columns that hold nothing up.

6. After Khan sends Polo on many missions, Polo learns:
(a) How to sail virtually any type of ship.
(b) To become an expert negotiator.
(c) The cooking techniques of the Mongols.
(d) The language of the Tartars.

7. Polo says that Zaira is defined by:
(a) An imposing, gleaming white building in the central plaza.
(b) The relationship between its people and the beautiful gardens they tend.
(c) Its people, who are exquisitely beautiful yet age too quickly.
(d) Its relationships between measurements of its space and the events of its past.

8. Khan's messengers advise him on the price of:
(a) Medicines imported from nearby regions.
(b) New battle ships.
(c) Materials found in his land holdings.
(d) Purple cloth for his royal garments.

9. What creates connections between lives in Chloe?
(a) The city's 103-year-old patriarch.
(b) The way everyone lives in close, tight-knit communities.
(c) Something about their glances.
(d) The fact that everyone is related to everyone else in some way.

10. When Khan says that he has a model city in his mind, he explains that from that city, he can:
(a) Best rule his empire.
(b) Send Polo to every other city.
(c) Deduce all possible cities.
(d) Supply silk to the rest of his empire.

11. Which city has supposedly languished and deteriorated, forgotten by the earth?
(a) Zirma.
(b) Tamara.
(c) Zora.
(d) Isaura.

12. When Marco Polo first tells his tales to Kublai Khan, he uses:
(a) A language Khan developed.
(b) Large words to impress Khan.
(c) An interpreter.
(d) Gestures and pantomimes.

13. Polo says that each action in Valdrada is inverted in:
(a) Its mirror image.
(b) Its monthly plays.
(c) The future.
(d) Another dimension.

14. What tangible items do merchants trade in Euphemia?
(a) Silk fabrics as well as silk worms.
(b) Gunpowder and fireworks.
(c) Curry powder and white and green tea.
(d) Poppy seeds, grain, and nutmeg.

15. What theme runs through Chapter 4 with regard to how Polo tells his tales?
(a) Fabricating stories about the cities to make them more beautiful than they are.
(b) Turning the cities into dreams born from imagination.
(c) Treating each city as if it was a separate star in the night sky.
(d) Breaking down the cities so the emperor can see them completely.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Polo, what is found in half of Sophronia?

2. Polo explains that the city Khan dreams of with the farewells from its harbor has one secret. What is it?

3. When Khan accuses Polo of lying about the state of his empire, what does Polo say?

4. Polo first describes the city of Diomira to Khan as:

5. Polo wants to inform the emperor how much darkness is out there by focusing on:

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