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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When he is quiet, what does Polo sometimes imagine?
(a) What life would be like had he not met the emperor.
(b) Being in the emperor's shoes.
(c) Being in a far off land.
(d) Answering the emperor's questions.

2. When Polo speaks of Zemrude, one of the views he offers is filled with:
(a) Gutters, fish scales, and trash.
(b) Staircases that go nowhere.
(c) Beggars, thieves, and tax collectors.
(d) Old men and women with vacant eyes.

3. What does Polo see rising vertically in Armilla?
(a) Stacks of seashells.
(b) Pipes where the houses should be.
(c) Tall, slender windmills.
(d) Columns that hold nothing up.

4. When Marco Polo meets with Kublai Khan, he:
(a) Asks for a leadership position in the empire.
(b) Requests money to be able to continue his travels.
(c) Describes cities that he's visited during his travels.
(d) Is worried that Khan will not approve of his stories.

5. Someone traveling to Maurilia will be invited to what?
(a) Enjoy the current city while hearing of its past.
(b) Stay and relax for three days.
(c) Dine with the city's group of elders.
(d) Offer a gift to the city's ruler.

6. Polo says that Zaira is defined by:
(a) The relationship between its people and the beautiful gardens they tend.
(b) Its people, who are exquisitely beautiful yet age too quickly.
(c) Its relationships between measurements of its space and the events of its past.
(d) An imposing, gleaming white building in the central plaza.

7. When Khan accuses Polo of lying about the state of his empire, what does Polo say?
(a) If the emperor does not want to hear the truth, then Polo's travels and tales will end.
(b) He has embellished every story in order to make it more appealing for the emperor.
(c) He agrees the empire is sick and explains that is why he travels to the distant places.
(d) He insists that he has never, and never will, lie to the emperor.

8. What tangible items do merchants trade in Euphemia?
(a) Silk fabrics as well as silk worms.
(b) Curry powder and white and green tea.
(c) Poppy seeds, grain, and nutmeg.
(d) Gunpowder and fireworks.

9. How does Polo describe the people of Chloe?
(a) They are strangers to each other.
(b) Great warriors train here.
(c) They are most welcoming to newcomers.
(d) Everyone here is a teacher of some type.

10. Which city stands on high pilings even though it sits on dry land?
(a) Zamoria.
(b) Zenobia.
(c) Chernobia.
(d) Algoria.

11. The people of Valdrada know their actions are repeated:
(a) In a parallel dimension.
(b) By actors performing in monthly plays.
(c) In the mirror image of the lake.
(d) By their descendents.

12. When the emperor tells Polo that he's dreamed up a city and describes it, what does Polo reply?
(a) He asks to not be interrupted again.
(b) It's the city Polo was just describing.
(c) It's the most fantastic city Polo has ever heard of.
(d) He praises the emperor's wit and imagination.

13. When Polo tells his tales while enjoying the evening breeze as he sits on a doorstep, what does he explain to Khan?
(a) The cool air clears his mind and keeps him awake.
(b) His traveling days may soon come to an end.
(c) The setting they're in will affect how the tale is remembered.
(d) This reminds him of a time from one of his past travels.

14. Which city do visitors consider to be a trap?
(a) Armilla.
(b) Zenobia.
(c) Valdrada.
(d) Zobeide.

15. This peninsular city can be reached by ship or camel, revealing itself to travelers by both land and sea:
(a) Irma.
(b) Tamara.
(c) Isaura.
(d) Despina.

Short Answer Questions

1. Polo wants to inform the emperor how much darkness is out there by focusing on:

2. What's missing in Armilla?

3. When one leaves Zenobia and travels for six days and seven nights, where would one end up?

4. What does Polo explain that Zemrude's form is based on?

5. At times, Polo and Khan sit quietly to:

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