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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Polo explain that Zemrude's form is based on?
(a) The dream of the dreamer.
(b) The orientation of the sky.
(c) The traveler's mood.
(d) The hope of its people.

2. Polo explains that the city Khan dreams of with the farewells from its harbor has one secret. What is it?
(a) It is a phantom city born of nymphs' imaginations.
(b) Its residents suffer from a rare, mysterious disease.
(c) Other cities bring their prisoners here.
(d) It knows about departures but not returns.

3. According to Polo, what is found in half of Sophronia?
(a) A fair with a roller coaster, carousel, and ferris wheel.
(b) Markets selling the riches of the world.
(c) Tent cities with the poorest of the poor.
(d) An observatory with a large telescope and wise astrologers.

4. Which city has supposedly languished and deteriorated, forgotten by the earth?
(a) Isaura.
(b) Tamara.
(c) Zirma.
(d) Zora.

5. The people of Valdrada know their actions are repeated:
(a) By their descendents.
(b) By actors performing in monthly plays.
(c) In the mirror image of the lake.
(d) In a parallel dimension.

6. When Polo first communicates with Khan, the emperor is able to:
(a) Understand everything completely.
(b) Comprehend his unusual accent.
(c) Look interested despite being bored.
(d) Decipher his signs.

7. What does Polo see rising vertically in Armilla?
(a) Stacks of seashells.
(b) Pipes where the houses should be.
(c) Columns that hold nothing up.
(d) Tall, slender windmills.

8. In the city with the large metal building in its center, what's inside each room of the building?
(a) Scrolls that tell of the city's history.
(b) Stores of food in case of famine.
(c) Statuettes in honor of the city's past leaders.
(d) A large, blue globe showing a different model of the city.

9. Which is the city of perceptions and symbols, where items are valuable because of what they represent, not what they really are?
(a) Zora.
(b) Isaura.
(c) Tamara.
(d) Zirma.

10. Whenever the emperor is in a good mood and says how splendid his empire is, he wants to know why Polo:
(a) Focuses on inessential and disappointing things.
(b) Criticizes the people of his empire.
(c) Has stopped traveling.
(d) Doesn't bring back more souvenirs.

11. When Marco Polo first tells his tales to Kublai Khan, he uses:
(a) An interpreter.
(b) A language Khan developed.
(c) Large words to impress Khan.
(d) Gestures and pantomimes.

12. Polo first describes the city of Diomira to Khan as:
(a) A quiet place full of intelligent, inquisitive people and lush gardens.
(b) Desperately in need of revitalization.
(c) Filled with beautiful items, including silver domed buildings and bronze statues.
(d) Gaudy and loud, with ridiculous artwork.

13. Polo describes a city with two forms of religion. In one, the gods live in a subterranean lake. In the other, the gods live where?
(a) Statues and monuments.
(b) Clouds that bring rain.
(c) The blades of windmills.
(d) The top of the volcanic mountain.

14. When strangers arrive to Zobeide, what impression do they have of the city?
(a) They've seen this place before in their dreams.
(b) It looks like a piece of heaven.
(c) They do not understand what drew people here.
(d) They feel a deep longing in their hearts.

15. What confuses Polo about Armilla?
(a) He can't tell if the people are welcoming him or waiting for him to leave.
(b) Where its source of water is located.
(c) Why everyone living here is so young.
(d) He doesn't know whether it's unfinished or has been demolished.

Short Answer Questions

1. Someone traveling to Maurilia will be invited to what?

2. Polo says that Zaira is defined by:

3. Which is the city of a thousand wells, sitting above an underground lake?

4. When Polo speaks of Zemrude, one of the views he offers is filled with:

5. When Khan asks if he will finally be able to fully possess his empire after learning the meaning of all of Polo's symbols, the traveler replies that Khan:

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