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Chapter 1

• Kublai Khan sits in his garden and senses the end of his empire.

• His request for information about his faraway lands is answered by Marco Polo.

• Polo weaves tales about cities he's visited in Khan's name.

• Whether the stories are real or imagined, Khan is mesmerized by them.
• Diomira is full of beautiful things and is best seen on a September evening.

• Isidora has spiral staircases decorated with spiral shells.

• Dorothea can be described by its features, people, and history, or by youthful memories and possibilities.

• Zaira is a city of relationships between its space and past events.
• The city of Anastasia awakens long-stifled desires.

• It is difficult to discover Tamara's true nature.

• Zora attaches itself to one's memory point by point.

• Despina is equally accessible by land or sea.
• Polo describes Zirma as having flying dirigibles, tattoo parlors, and obese women.

• Isaura is known as the...

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