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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aleck offer Charles to help him out of the water?
(a) A dingy
(b) A plank
(c) A pole
(d) A boat

2. Why do they find the grave so quickly?
(a) It was the first one dug that winter
(b) It is the only one with a headstone
(c) It is biggest in the graveyard
(d) It is full of fresh flowers

3. What does Charles consider doing so he does not have to see Lucas lynched?
(a) Killing Lucas
(b) Leaving town
(c) Killing himself
(d) Locking himself in his room

4. What does Charles realize when Lucas notices him?
(a) He still owes him a debt
(b) He is innocent
(c) He is guilty
(d) He has a good memory

5. What does Charles do when they hear the mule?
(a) Greets the mule and its rider cordially
(b) Shoots at the mule blindly
(c) Drives off the road
(d) Asks who it is

6. What does Charles do during breakfast?
(a) Falls asleep
(b) Vomits
(c) Prays
(d) Cries

7. Who has the sheriff hired to look after Lucas?
(a) James Buff
(b) Frank Davis
(c) Will Legate
(d) Gavin Stevens

8. When is Charles afraid the the town folk will lynch Lucas?
(a) When he is at his court hearing
(b) When the sheriff transfers him to his jail
(c) While he is chained to a bed post
(d) When he is released on bail

9. What is the Sheriff's surname?
(a) Hampton
(b) Benjimin
(c) Smith
(d) Jackson

10. Who rides the horse from the truck to the cemetery?
(a) Miss Habersham
(b) Gavin
(c) Aleck
(d) Charles

11. When does Charles think the Gowries will go after Lucas?
(a) In the morning
(b) On friday night
(c) After midnight
(d) On the sheriff's break

12. What is the name of the novel's narrator?
(a) Lucas Beachamp
(b) Carothers Edmunds
(c) Gavin Stevens
(d) Charles Mallison

13. Where does Aleck Sander eat his breakfast?
(a) The kitchen
(b) The garden
(c) The dining room
(d) The dog house

14. What does Lucas demand Charles does?
(a) Talk to his wife
(b) Cook him dinner
(c) Tell a joke
(d) Warm himself by the fire

15. What does Charles do with the money when Lucas refuses it?
(a) Swallows it
(b) Gives it to Aleck
(c) Pockets it
(d) Throws it on the floor

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Gavin think they must wait until to dig up the body?

2. How did Lucas once react to an insult from a white man?

3. Where does Charles eat his breakfast?

4. What does Charles leave in the water?

5. How would Charles leave town?

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