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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Will Legate armed with?
(a) A revolver
(b) A double barrel shotgun
(c) A single shot shot gun
(d) A sword

2. What is the Sheriff's surname?
(a) Jackson
(b) Smith
(c) Hampton
(d) Benjimin

3. Where does the Lucas's wife sit?
(a) On the rug by the fire
(b) In a rocking chair by the fire
(c) On the table
(d) On a stool next to the stove

4. What is the name of Lucas's wife?
(a) Baby Suggs
(b) Andrea
(c) Jane
(d) Molly

5. Who was Miss Habersham raised with?
(a) Charles
(b) Molly Beauchamp
(c) Luca Beachamp
(d) Gavin Stevens

6. What do the black prisoners normally do?
(a) Sing the blues
(b) Spit at passers by
(c) Hit the bars with their metal plates
(d) Stand at the window and call out

7. Who rides the horse from the truck to the cemetery?
(a) Charles
(b) Miss Habersham
(c) Aleck
(d) Gavin

8. Who does Lucas remind Charles of?
(a) His grandfather
(b) His father
(c) Ernest Hemmingway
(d) The president

9. Who does Lucas order to pick the money up from the floor?
(a) Charles
(b) The two black boys
(c) Mr Edmonds
(d) Molly

10. What does Charles leave in the water?
(a) His wallet
(b) His socks
(c) His pants
(d) His rifle

11. Who does Charles go home to speak to?
(a) Uncle Gavin
(b) His mother
(c) Aleck
(d) His father

12. Where does Gavin take Charles?
(a) To the sheriff's house
(b) To the saloon
(c) To the cemetery
(d) To school

13. What does Charles ask if he can take to Lucas?
(a) Tobacco
(b) A coca-cola
(c) A guitar
(d) A pork pie

14. Why must they hide the truck when they reach the cemetery?
(a) The truck is stolen
(b) In case the Gowries are near by
(c) The sheriff is guarding the grave
(d) It is an expensive truck

15. What is the name of the man Lucas has been accused of killing?
(a) Vinson Gowrie
(b) James Buff
(c) Jock Stevens
(d) Gavin Stevens

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Charles find his uncle speaking to?

2. Why does the sheriff think the towns people will not lynch during the day?

3. How would Charles leave town?

4. What does Charles realize when Lucas notices him?

5. Where does Charles eat his breakfast?

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