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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who stops Lucas from from getting lynched?
(a) Miss Laney
(b) The bar owner
(c) The blacksmith
(d) The shopkeepers son

2. What was Lucas buying from the shop before the altercation?
(a) A coca-cola
(b) Ginger snaps
(c) Peanut butter
(d) Raspberry Jelly

3. What does Charles buy Molly Beauchamp?
(a) An Alice band
(b) A flowered imitation silk dress
(c) A diamond ring
(d) A gold bracelet

4. Why can Charles not take the car?
(a) He cannot drive
(b) His father has the keys
(c) It has no wheels
(d) It has no engine

5. What does Lucas want Charles to do?
(a) Kill him
(b) Help him escape
(c) Shoot the sheriff
(d) Dig up Gowrie's body

6. Why is the sheriff reluctant to do anything?
(a) He does not want to anger the Goweries'
(b) No one cares what happens to Lucas
(c) They do not know who the person on the mule was
(d) It is a waste of public resources

7. Where does Uncle Gavin tell Lucas he shot the man?
(a) In the groin
(b) In the kidney
(c) In the back
(d) Between the eyes

8. Who does the Sheriff and Uncle Gavin want to sit out in front of the jail?
(a) Will Legate
(b) Miss Habersham
(c) Aleck
(d) Charles

9. Where does Charles end up throwing the coins?
(a) Down a well
(b) At Lucas
(c) Into the sea
(d) In the creek

10. When does Charles think the Gowries will go after Lucas?
(a) After midnight
(b) On the sheriff's break
(c) In the morning
(d) On friday night

11. Where does Lucas take Charles?
(a) To his cabin
(b) To the hospital
(c) To a saloon
(d) To Mr. Edmonds' house

12. Who rides the horse from the truck to the cemetery?
(a) Charles
(b) Aleck
(c) Gavin
(d) Miss Habersham

13. What day do they bury the murdered man?
(a) Monday
(b) Saturday
(c) Sunday
(d) Tuesday

14. Where did Lucas have his gun when they found him standing over the dead man?
(a) In his pocket
(b) In his hand
(c) On the floor by his feet
(d) In the waistband of his pants

15. What does Charles say Will is reading?
(a) The funny papers
(b) Das Capital
(c) Dashiel Hammet
(d) A newsletter

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Charles ask if he can take to Lucas?

2. Who does Charles go home to speak to?

3. Where does Gavin take Charles?

4. What is the name of Lucas's wife?

5. What does Charles do during breakfast?

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