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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Lucas take Charles?
(a) To Mr. Edmonds' house
(b) To his cabin
(c) To the hospital
(d) To a saloon

2. Why are the black prisoners afraid to make a noise?
(a) They may by mistaken for Lucas
(b) Too much noise will set off a time bomb
(c) The sheriff is asleep
(d) They will not get fed

3. Who does the Sheriff and Uncle Gavin want to sit out in front of the jail?
(a) Will Legate
(b) Aleck
(c) Charles
(d) Miss Habersham

4. Why does the sheriff think the towns people will not lynch during the day?
(a) Too many people are around
(b) They have to work
(c) They can see each others faces
(d) It is too hot

5. Why is the sheriff reluctant to do anything?
(a) No one cares what happens to Lucas
(b) They do not know who the person on the mule was
(c) It is a waste of public resources
(d) He does not want to anger the Goweries'

6. Who stops Lucas from from getting lynched?
(a) The bar owner
(b) Miss Laney
(c) The shopkeepers son
(d) The blacksmith

7. What does Lucas want Charles to do?
(a) Shoot the sheriff
(b) Dig up Gowrie's body
(c) Kill him
(d) Help him escape

8. What kind of hat does Lucas wear?
(a) A Davy Crotchett hat
(b) A beaver hat
(c) A top hat
(d) A cowboy hat

9. What does Charles ask Aleck Sander to do?
(a) Saddle up his horse
(b) Talk to Gavin
(c) Get the car keys from his father
(d) Find some spades

10. When is Charles afraid the the town folk will lynch Lucas?
(a) When the sheriff transfers him to his jail
(b) While he is chained to a bed post
(c) When he is at his court hearing
(d) When he is released on bail

11. Where does Charles end up throwing the coins?
(a) Down a well
(b) In the creek
(c) Into the sea
(d) At Lucas

12. What does Charles do with the money when Lucas refuses it?
(a) Throws it on the floor
(b) Gives it to Aleck
(c) Swallows it
(d) Pockets it

13. What does Lucas demand Charles does?
(a) Warm himself by the fire
(b) Talk to his wife
(c) Tell a joke
(d) Cook him dinner

14. What does Lucas send to Charles in return for Charles sending his wife a dress?
(a) Homemade corndogs
(b) A revolver
(c) A train set
(d) Homemade sorghum molasses

15. What does Aleck offer Charles to help him out of the water?
(a) A plank
(b) A boat
(c) A dingy
(d) A pole

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the sheriff bringing to jail?

2. What does Charles do during breakfast?

3. Where does Charles buy the tobacco?

4. What does Charles realize when Lucas notices him?

5. Where did Lucas have his gun when they found him standing over the dead man?

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