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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Uncle Gavin say a black man is expected to do in the south?
(a) Lose his temper and kill a white man
(b) Give himself up for lynching
(c) Serve the white man
(d) Smile and play music

2. Who does Charles go home to speak to?
(a) Uncle Gavin
(b) Aleck
(c) His mother
(d) His father

3. What does Lucas get arrested for?
(a) Tax fraud
(b) Devil worship
(c) Shooting a local man
(d) Bank robbery

4. What county is Montgomery from?
(a) Tate county
(b) Jefferson county
(c) Crossman county
(d) Neshoba county

5. Where does Gavin take Charles?
(a) To the sheriff's house
(b) To school
(c) To the saloon
(d) To the cemetery

6. What was Lucas buying from the shop before the altercation?
(a) Ginger snaps
(b) Raspberry Jelly
(c) A coca-cola
(d) Peanut butter

7. Who does the sheriff phone to organize an exhumation order?
(a) The president
(b) The senator
(c) The district attourney
(d) The local judge

8. Why must they hide the truck when they reach the cemetery?
(a) The truck is stolen
(b) The sheriff is guarding the grave
(c) In case the Gowries are near by
(d) It is an expensive truck

9. What does Uncle Gavin and the Sheriff want the boys to do?
(a) Keep an eye on the cemetary
(b) Go home
(c) Go to school
(d) Keep an eye on Lucas

10. What does Charles do with the money when Lucas refuses it?
(a) Throws it on the floor
(b) Pockets it
(c) Gives it to Aleck
(d) Swallows it

11. What kind of hat does Lucas wear?
(a) A Davy Crotchett hat
(b) A beaver hat
(c) A top hat
(d) A cowboy hat

12. Where does Aleck Sander eat his breakfast?
(a) The kitchen
(b) The garden
(c) The dog house
(d) The dining room

13. Why are the black prisoners afraid to make a noise?
(a) The sheriff is asleep
(b) Too much noise will set off a time bomb
(c) They may by mistaken for Lucas
(d) They will not get fed

14. What is the name of Lucas's wife?
(a) Baby Suggs
(b) Jane
(c) Andrea
(d) Molly

15. When does Charles think the Gowries will go after Lucas?
(a) On friday night
(b) On the sheriff's break
(c) In the morning
(d) After midnight

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Charles consider doing so he does not have to see Lucas lynched?

2. What does Lucas demand Charles does?

3. On what day does Charles meet Lucas for the second time?

4. What does Charles buy Molly Beauchamp?

5. Why do they think that no one will lynch Lucas with Miss Habersham keeping guard?

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