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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Lucas take Charles?
(a) To his cabin
(b) To the hospital
(c) To a saloon
(d) To Mr. Edmonds' house

2. What does Charles do with the money when Lucas refuses it?
(a) Throws it on the floor
(b) Swallows it
(c) Gives it to Aleck
(d) Pockets it

3. What does Charles consider doing so he does not have to see Lucas lynched?
(a) Leaving town
(b) Locking himself in his room
(c) Killing himself
(d) Killing Lucas

4. Who do they find inside the coffin?
(a) The sheriff
(b) Montgomery
(c) Lucas
(d) Vinson Gowrie

5. What does Uncle Gavin say is the unwritten code of the south?
(a) That life is for living
(b) That everyone should go to church
(c) That white people are superior
(d) That the family of the victim should be alllowed to hang the black man responsible

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lucas accept Gavin's story?

2. Why does the sheriff think the towns people will not lynch during the day?

3. What does Lucas lay on the bare cots?

4. Why are the black prisoners afraid to make a noise?

5. What does the rider have on the horse with him?

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