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Yoknapatawpha County; Jackson, Mississippi

The fictional setting of the novel.


Where Lucas is kept briefly during his incarceration and where Miss Habersham and Mrs. Mallison stand guard while the men go to exhume Vinson Gowrie's body.

Lucas's House

This is a small cabin in the center of Edmonds' plantation.

Gold Toothpick

This is an old-fashioned object that Lucas probably inherited from his grandfather. He carries it everywhere.

Colt .41 Gun

Lucas bought this weapon from his grandfather.

German Luger Automatic

This is the weapon that killed Vinson Gowrie.

Beat Four

This is the poorer section of the county.

Caledonia Chapel Cemetery

This is the cemetery where Vinson Gowrie is buried and the site of the many exhumations.


This animal has been taught to jump 18- and 24-inch jumps.

Gavin Stevens' Office

Miss Habersham waits here for word on the outcome of the sheriff's scheme to arrest Crawford...

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