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Chapter 1

• Mr. Edmonds invites Charles rabbit hunting.

• Charles goes hunting with his black servant Aleck Sander and one of Edmonds' tenant's sons and falls into a creek.
• When Charles pull himself out of the water a strange black man called Lucas is standing before him. The man tells Charles to follow him.

• The man's cabin has little furniture, a bed and a small dresser, a bare floor and a mantel that holds a kerosene lamp and a vase filled with twisted newspaper.
• Lucas demands Charles removes his clothing and warms himself beside the fire.

• Aleck Sanders comes back with more clothes. Charles dresses and Lucas invites him to eat.

• Charles offers Lucas 70 cents for his kindness and the meal. Lucas acts as if he does not see it.

• Charles throws the money onto the floor. Lucas, again refusing to look at the boy or the money, orders the...

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