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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Billie realize as she get to the bus?
(a) It was so isolated that no one could remain sane there.
(b) Chris had found the farthest place he could to get away from them.
(c) The terraine looked like where she grew up and that Chris must have loved it.
(d) The place looked like a frozen desert.

2. How was Westerberg able to help the police?
(a) He had Chris's fingerprints on file.
(b) He had Chris's Social Security number on file.
(c) He had a photo of Chris's yellow Datsun with the license plate showing.
(d) He told them Chris graduated from Emory University.

3. What kind of business do Carine and her husband operate?
(a) A publishing company.
(b) A daycare for the elderly.
(c) An auto repair business.
(d) An electronics shop.

4. What daunting challenge did Krakauer set for himself as a young man?
(a) To scale a mountain called the Devils Thumb alone.
(b) To find out how much terror he can stand.
(c) To ski down Mt. McKinley.
(d) To prove that he is always right.

5. What characteristic of his father's does Krakauer mention as a flaw?
(a) That his father could never admit to being wrong.
(b) That his father worked too many jobs.
(c) That his father never climbed a mountain.
(d) That his father was too kind to everyone.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Carine different from Chris?

2. What shows Chris's attitude toward injustices that began when he was in college?

3. What did the bones outside the bus reveal?

4. What did Krakauer do similar to what Chris did when he needed to go to the village of Petersberg?

5. How did Chris travel the 1,000 miles from Laird, Alaska, to Fairbanks?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe why the McCandlesses could not take the exact trek to the bus that Chris had taken.

2. How did Chris manage the last leg of his trip into Fairbanks?

3. What indicates to Krakauer that there was a very close relationship between Carine and Chris?

4. How does swainsonine become lethal in the body?

5. What was the irony Krakauer thought about as he kept attempting to climb Devil's Thumb?

6. To show his kindred spirit with Chris, what does Krakauer write about in Chapter 14?

7. In Chris's journal, what did he think was happening to him?

8. How was Krakauer's Alaska experience different from Chris's?

9. What is so unusual about Chris's never seeing another human being while he was camped at the bus?

10. What was Chris's problem with his parents monetary success?

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