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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. August 12, Chris left the bus to forage for berries. What did the note he left on the door say?
(a) "Gone fishing, be back in one hour."
(b) "There is stew on the stove, go in and help yourself."
(c) It was a desperate plea for assistance signed with his real name.
(d) "If I do not return, look for me north of the bus."

2. What two requests did Stuckey make of Alex as they parted company?
(a) Send him photos of his adventure and notify the forrest service where he will be.
(b) Change his mind and go back to the Westerbergs.
(c) Write him a letter when he returns and call his parents before he goes into the wilderness.
(d) Wait until spring and work to get money for better boots.

3. What did Krakauer do similar to what Chris did when he needed to go to the village of Petersberg?
(a) He sent postcards to friends.
(b) He abandoned his car.
(c) He bought a big bag of rice.
(d) He burned his money.

4. Why did Chris write in his journal that he had found the Magic Bus?
(a) Because it popped up out of nowhere.
(b) Because it was stocked with wilderness essentials by the hunters who use it during moose season.
(c) Because it reminded him of a magic flying machine.
(d) Because it saved him from having to pitch his tent.

5. Where did Chris leave from on April 15, 1992 on his journey to Alaska?
(a) Oregon.
(b) Los angeles.
(c) Carthage.
(d) Seattle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was in the McCandless house that speaks to the feelings of Walt and Billie McCandless toward Chris?

2. How was Westerberg able to help the police?

3. What gift did Walt give Billie after the birth of Chris?

4. How is Carine different from Chris?

5. Who gave Krakauer dinner and a place to sleep in Petersberg?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the irony Krakauer thought about as he kept attempting to climb Devil's Thumb?

2. Explain Jim Gillien's difficulty in contacting the Alaska police.

3. What discovery about himself did Krakauer make after conquering Devil's Thumb?

4. How did Chris manage the last leg of his trip into Fairbanks?

5. What indicates to Krakauer that there was a very close relationship between Carine and Chris?

6. What do Carine and her parents regret after the fact of Chris's death?

7. How does swainsonine become lethal in the body?

8. In Chris's journal, what did he think was happening to him?

9. Describe why the McCandlesses could not take the exact trek to the bus that Chris had taken.

10. How was Krakauer's Alaska experience different from Chris's?

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