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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Billie in July of 1992?
(a) She was diagnosed with cancer.
(b) She had a vivid dream of Chris calling her for help.
(c) She had a nervous breakdown.
(d) She had a dibilitating auto accident.

2. What gift did Walt give Billie after the birth of Chris?
(a) The Gianni guitar that was left in the yellow Datson.
(b) A leather bound copy of Leaves of Grass.
(c) A 3-carat diamond ring.
(d) A vacation in Paris.

3. What is significant about the cloth belt Krakauer founds in the bus?
(a) It must have been made when Chris got too thin for his jeans.
(b) He seemd to have made it to tie up his paperback books.
(c) Chris probably didn't want to ruin the leather belt he had made at Ron Franz's house.
(d) Chris had made it to keep himself busy.

4. Where did Chris leave from on April 15, 1992 on his journey to Alaska?
(a) Oregon.
(b) Carthage.
(c) Los angeles.
(d) Seattle.

5. A year after Chris's death, what did Krakauer observe on the banks of the Teklanika River where Chris had been unable to cross?
(a) The river was overflowing its banks.
(b) The river is indeed a wide, churning flow of water.
(c) There are dangerous rocks just under the surface of the water.
(d) The ice was breaking up and the footing was dangerous.

Short Answer Questions

1. What evidence does Krakauer find that suggests Chris was ready to re-enter society?

2. In light of his own experiences, what does Krakauer think of Chris's tactics?

3. What did Billie find in the bus?

4. When did Jon Krakauer interview Walt McCandless?

5. Two decades later, what has Krakauer learned about his relationship with his father?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe why the McCandlesses could not take the exact trek to the bus that Chris had taken.

2. Explain Jim Gillien's difficulty in contacting the Alaska police.

3. In Chris's journal, what did he think was happening to him?

4. What is so unusual about Chris's never seeing another human being while he was camped at the bus?

5. What discovery about himself did Krakauer make after conquering Devil's Thumb?

6. How did Chris manage the last leg of his trip into Fairbanks?

7. What do Carine and her parents regret after the fact of Chris's death?

8. To show his kindred spirit with Chris, what does Krakauer write about in Chapter 14?

9. What was Chris's problem with his parents monetary success?

10. As Krakauer, visiting the site, stood on the banks of the raging Teklanika River, what advantage did he have that Chris did not have?

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