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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the police know Chris's real last name?
(a) From the note he had taped to the bus door.
(b) From his Social Security card they found in his wallet.
(c) From his journal.
(d) From his virginia driver's license.

2. What was in the McCandless house that speaks to the feelings of Walt and Billie McCandless toward Chris?
(a) All of Chris's track trophies lined up on the mantle.
(b) Clippings of newspaper articles and magazine stories about Chris.
(c) No photos of Chris in the house.
(d) A photo memorial to Chris on the dining room table.

3. In light of his own experiences, what does Krakauer think of Chris's tactics?
(a) More young people should do what chris did.
(b) They are exemplary.
(c) Except for a bit of bad luck, Chris was right to do what he did.
(d) They are understandable but not justifiable.

4. What happened 10 months after Chris's death?
(a) The company that owns the bus took it away.
(b) Billie and Walt got a divorce.
(c) Ten months after McCandless's death, Krakauer, Billie and Walt took a helicopter to the bus site.
(d) Carine had a dream about Chris.

5. What was the skeleton in Walt's closet that stressed the whole family, Chris in particular?
(a) Walt and Billie divorced but later remarried.
(b) Walt had lived a bigamist life for some years after Chris was born.
(c) Walt kept a mistress after Chris went to college.
(d) Walt had affairs with several women.

Short Answer Questions

1. What family outings did the McCandless family mention to Krakauer?

2. What daunting challenge did Krakauer set for himself as a young man?

3. A year after Chris's death, what did Krakauer observe on the banks of the Teklanika River where Chris had been unable to cross?

4. What did Billie find in the bus?

5. What trait did sports reveal in Chris?

Short Essay Questions

1. To show his kindred spirit with Chris, what does Krakauer write about in Chapter 14?

2. What was Chris's problem with his parents monetary success?

3. What was the irony Krakauer thought about as he kept attempting to climb Devil's Thumb?

4. Who was Sam McCandless, and why was he the one to notify Chris's parents?

5. How did Chris manage the last leg of his trip into Fairbanks?

6. What is so unusual about Chris's never seeing another human being while he was camped at the bus?

7. What discovery did Chris make the summer after his freshman year in college that drove a deeper wedge between him and his father?

8. What defense does Krakauer make of Chris's ability to survive in the wild?

9. How does swainsonine become lethal in the body?

10. What discovery about himself did Krakauer make after conquering Devil's Thumb?

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