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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What questions did Chris ask Gallien that impressed the older man?
(a) About moose and carribu.
(b) About the length of winters in Alaska.
(c) About traffic in that part of Alaska.
(d) Informed questions about the flora and fauna of Alaska.

2. What alias did Ruess carve on the walls of the canyon?
(a) Yosemite Sam.
(b) Frost.
(c) Ahab.
(d) Nemo.

3. Where did Chris's canoe trip eventually take him after going as far as he could down the Colorado River?
(a) He ended up staying with a Mexican family for six weeks.
(b) He retraced his way back upstream.
(c) He headed South and ended up in Acapulco.
(d) Some duck hunters agreed to drive him to the Gulf of California.

4. What was Chris carrying when he met Jim Gallien?
(a) A battered canoe.
(b) A plastic bag of groceries.
(c) A rifle.
(d) A small dog.

5. When Franz offered to give Chris a ride to his campsite, what is it he didn't know?
(a) About the Oh-My-God Hot Springs.
(b) Whether Chris was dangerous or not.
(c) If his truck would make the trip and back.
(d) That he would have to walk to see Chris's campsite.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Krakauer classify Chris as opposed to the way most people saw him?

2. Near what famous landmark did Chris McCandless die?

3. At which stop did Chris remain for the longest time?

4. What did Gallien think about Chris's weapon?

5. What story does Krakauer tell that resembles Chris's in many ways?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the evidence at the opening of Chapter 1 that indicates Chris might have had a premonition about his death.

2. Tell something about Chris's connection to Jan Burres and her boyfriend Bob.

3. What two things was Gallien able to provide the Alaska authorities?

4. What is clear about the author's intentions in writing this book?

5. How does Krakauer compare and contrast Chris and his father?

6. How did Wayne Westerberg come to notify the police?

7. When Jim Gallien picked Chris up, what went through the back of his mind?

8. Why does Krakauer mention the papar at the end of Chapter 9?

9. How abrupt was Chris's separation from his family?

10. Talk about the indication that Chris was planning for the Alaska trip to be his last adventure.

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