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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Chris tell Gallien his plans were?
(a) To write a book like Thoreau.
(b) To hike from Mt. McKinley to the Gulf of Mexico.
(c) To hike as far north as he could go.
(d) To walk into the wilderness near Denali National Park to live off the land for several months.

2. Why does Krakauer include a narrative about moose hunters driving off-road trucks to get to the site Chris eventually found?
(a) To show the difficulties even well-equipped people have in this wilderness.
(b) To explain the existence of the bus where Chris stayed.
(c) To put a note of optimism into the story which sustains the suspense.
(d) To provide a bit of humor against the tension of the story.

3. When Franz offered to give Chris a ride to his campsite, what is it he didn't know?
(a) If his truck would make the trip and back.
(b) That he would have to walk to see Chris's campsite.
(c) About the Oh-My-God Hot Springs.
(d) Whether Chris was dangerous or not.

4. What surprising thing about Chris does Westerberg remember about him?
(a) That he had expressed a desire to marry and have a family some day.
(b) That he would eventually end up in a monastery in Tibet.
(c) That he knew what he was doing was unfair to his parents.
(d) That he secretly had a sexual fantasy about his sister.

5. What did Chris do after Westerberg was jailed?
(a) He stayed with Westerberg's family until he got out.
(b) He kept himself hidden because the police might have been looking for him.
(c) He hitchhiked to Needles, California, then walked through the desert to Topock, Arizona.
(d) He headed north to Alaska.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Krakauer's message by using the details of the moose hunter's trip to the bus?

2. How did Chris introduce himself to Gallien?

3. What work did Chris (Alex) do while he stayed with Jan and Bob at The Slabs?

4. What message did Chris leave taped to the door of the bus?

5. How does Chapter 1 begin?

Short Essay Questions

1. The man Chris describes as a lunatic, Charlie, holds what kind of opinion about Chris?

2. What are some particulars about Alex (Chris) deciding to go to San Diego?

3. How does Krakauer rebut the idea that Chris was a reckless idiot, a wacko, a narcissist?

4. What is a literary parallel between Chris and Ruess?

5. What was the relationship Chris developed with the Westerberg family?

6. Discuss the difference between Chris's treatment of his parents and the way he treated strangers.

7. What did Chris do in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park?

8. Describe the first indication that Walt and Billie McCandless had of where Chris might be.

9. What is clear about the author's intentions in writing this book?

10. Talk about the indication that Chris was planning for the Alaska trip to be his last adventure.

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