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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who gave Krakauer dinner and a place to sleep in Petersberg?
(a) The captain of a tuna fishing boat.
(b) A kind woman named Kai Sandburn.
(c) A policeman offered him a jail cell.
(d) A drifter named Jan Buress.

2. What is significant about the cloth belt Krakauer founds in the bus?
(a) Chris had made it to keep himself busy.
(b) He seemd to have made it to tie up his paperback books.
(c) Chris probably didn't want to ruin the leather belt he had made at Ron Franz's house.
(d) It must have been made when Chris got too thin for his jeans.

3. What characteristic of his father's does Krakauer mention as a flaw?
(a) That his father never climbed a mountain.
(b) That his father was too kind to everyone.
(c) That his father could never admit to being wrong.
(d) That his father worked too many jobs.

4. What emotional experience disturbed Chris while he is staying in the bus?
(a) Killing a moose and being unable to preserve the meat.
(b) Bad dreams that hinted of his death.
(c) Watching an otter get captured by an eagle.
(d) Thinking about his sister.

5. What did Billie realize as she get to the bus?
(a) The terraine looked like where she grew up and that Chris must have loved it.
(b) The place looked like a frozen desert.
(c) It was so isolated that no one could remain sane there.
(d) Chris had found the farthest place he could to get away from them.

6. What did Chris do the summer after his sophomore year in college?
(a) He worked in a garage to make money to buy his Datsun.
(b) He returned to Annandale and wrote a flawless software program.
(c) He took a cross country hike.
(d) He spent the entire summer with his sister, Carine.

7. In light of his own experiences, what does Krakauer think of Chris's tactics?
(a) They are exemplary.
(b) More young people should do what chris did.
(c) They are understandable but not justifiable.
(d) Except for a bit of bad luck, Chris was right to do what he did.

8. What does Krakauer think actually killed Chris?
(a) Choking on rabbit bones.
(b) The wild potato seeds he was eating.
(c) Poisonous leaves he was reduced to eating.
(d) Tainted canned goods he found in the bus.

9. What similarity is there between Jon's relationship with his father and Chris's relationship with Walt?
(a) Both fathers turned out to be bigamists.
(b) Both fathers were weak willed and seldom gave their children advice.
(c) Secrets were revealed and both young men resented the hypocracy.
(d) Both fathers were old and out of touch.

10. What shows Chris's attitude toward injustices that began when he was in college?
(a) He refused a new car because there were so many people who did not have one.
(b) He started a soup kitchen in Annandale.
(c) He began bringing homeless people to his dorm room.
(d) He took classes about world hunger, poverty, wealth distribution and racism.

11. Where did Chris leave from on April 15, 1992 on his journey to Alaska?
(a) Seattle.
(b) Oregon.
(c) Carthage.
(d) Los angeles.

12. What did Krakauer do similar to what Chris did when he needed to go to the village of Petersberg?
(a) He burned his money.
(b) He bought a big bag of rice.
(c) He sent postcards to friends.
(d) He abandoned his car.

13. What spurred Krakauer on after his failed attempt to climb Devil's Thumb?
(a) The prospect of defeat.
(b) His mood after he naps.
(c) The fact that he has enough food to try again.
(d) A spider that keeps working after its web breaks.

14. What is prominently displayed in Carine McCandless's home?
(a) Two photographs of her brother, Chris.
(b) A scrapbook of news clippings about Chris.
(c) All of Chris's track trophies.
(d) A painting she did of her brother, Chris.

15. What two requests did Stuckey make of Alex as they parted company?
(a) Write him a letter when he returns and call his parents before he goes into the wilderness.
(b) Wait until spring and work to get money for better boots.
(c) Change his mind and go back to the Westerbergs.
(d) Send him photos of his adventure and notify the forrest service where he will be.

Short Answer Questions

1. A year after Chris's death, what did Krakauer observe on the banks of the Teklanika River where Chris had been unable to cross?

2. What information does Gallien provide the police?

3. Two decades later, what has Krakauer learned about his relationship with his father?

4. Why did the Candless family not follow the route Chris had taken to get to the bus as Billie wanted?

5. After Chris left home, why didnn't Carine get upset when he won't tell her where he was?

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