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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Walt leave in the bus?
(a) A book about edible plants in the area.
(b) A memorial plaque.
(c) A flashlight and some batteries.
(d) An emergency radio operated by a hand crank.

2. What two requests did Stuckey make of Alex as they parted company?
(a) Change his mind and go back to the Westerbergs.
(b) Write him a letter when he returns and call his parents before he goes into the wilderness.
(c) Wait until spring and work to get money for better boots.
(d) Send him photos of his adventure and notify the forrest service where he will be.

3. What information does Gallien provide the police?
(a) That the young man had called himself Alex and had come from South Dakota.
(b) That Alex was coughing bad when he dropped him off.
(c) That Alex had mentioned a friend named Ron in California.
(d) That Alex's real name was Chris McCandless.

4. What spurred Krakauer on after his failed attempt to climb Devil's Thumb?
(a) His mood after he naps.
(b) A spider that keeps working after its web breaks.
(c) The fact that he has enough food to try again.
(d) The prospect of defeat.

5. How does Roman Dial, who teaches at the University of Alaska, interpret Chris's actions?
(a) He agrees that Chris was borderline neurotic.
(b) Roman thinks no one should ever attempt what Chris did.
(c) Roman admires McCandless's efforts but would not undertake them himself.
(d) He thinks the native Alaskans are right to condemn Chris.

6. Chris's parents had moved, but his step brother was contacted. After he positively identified Chris, what did he do?
(a) Drove to Maryland to inform Chris's parents.
(b) Told his wife that he always knew Chris would end that way.
(c) Flew to Alaska to claim the body.
(d) Contacted Gillien to get more information.

7. What gift did Walt give Billie after the birth of Chris?
(a) The Gianni guitar that was left in the yellow Datson.
(b) A vacation in Paris.
(c) A leather bound copy of Leaves of Grass.
(d) A 3-carat diamond ring.

8. Why did the Candless family not follow the route Chris had taken to get to the bus as Billie wanted?
(a) The Teklanika River was running too high, and the group was advised not to attempt it.
(b) They did not have good directions from Chris's journal.
(c) The river had changed course and Chris's route was no longer possible.
(d) There was no time to take that route as Chris had done.

9. At the time of publication of the notice of Chris's death, what problem did the police have?
(a) They had been unable to identify him.
(b) They did not have forensic labs in that part of Alaska.
(c) They had no response from the public about the body.
(d) They had beed unable to get the body out.

10. Racing against a storm, Krakauer reaches the summit of the Thumb. How does he describe it?
(a) He describes the summit as malevolent and surreal.
(b) He describes it as the coldest place on earth.
(c) He describes it as breathtakingly beautiful.
(d) He describes it as a big disappointment.

11. What does Carine recall that Chris loved so much?
(a) Her dog, Buck.
(b) The Gianni guitar.
(c) Reading Moby Dick.
(d) His yellow Datsun.

12. What sad discovery does Krakauer make just a quarter mile down stream on the river?
(a) There is evidence that Chris came that far and went back.
(b) There is an old bridge that a person could walk across.
(c) At the now defunct station, a steel cable stretches across the river with an aluminum basket suspended from this cable by pulleys.
(d) There is a ranger station stocked with all kinds of food.

13. Why does Krakauer relate his own experiences in Chapter 14?
(a) To show how he was so much better than Chris.
(b) To show his affinity with Chris.
(c) To see if he is any different now as a mature man.
(d) To prove that he had no right to write about Chris.

14. What is prominently displayed in Carine McCandless's home?
(a) Two photographs of her brother, Chris.
(b) A painting she did of her brother, Chris.
(c) A scrapbook of news clippings about Chris.
(d) All of Chris's track trophies.

15. What happened 10 months after Chris's death?
(a) Billie and Walt got a divorce.
(b) Ten months after McCandless's death, Krakauer, Billie and Walt took a helicopter to the bus site.
(c) Carine had a dream about Chris.
(d) The company that owns the bus took it away.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is so poignant about the final photograph Chris took of himself holding his good-bye note?

2. What did Chris do the summer after his sophomore year in college?

3. What was the skeleton in Walt's closet that stressed the whole family, Chris in particular?

4. What family outings did the McCandless family mention to Krakauer?

5. How far did Chris travel on the Stampede Trail before he located the abandoned bus?

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