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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened 10 months after Chris's death?
(a) Ten months after McCandless's death, Krakauer, Billie and Walt took a helicopter to the bus site.
(b) Carine had a dream about Chris.
(c) The company that owns the bus took it away.
(d) Billie and Walt got a divorce.

2. What did Billie leave in the bus?
(a) A suitcase filled with emergency food supplies.
(b) A down coat and some matches.
(c) Three heavy blankets.
(d) A set of steel plates and cups.

3. A year after Chris's death, what did Krakauer observe on the banks of the Teklanika River where Chris had been unable to cross?
(a) The river was overflowing its banks.
(b) There are dangerous rocks just under the surface of the water.
(c) The ice was breaking up and the footing was dangerous.
(d) The river is indeed a wide, churning flow of water.

4. What did Billie realize as she get to the bus?
(a) Chris had found the farthest place he could to get away from them.
(b) It was so isolated that no one could remain sane there.
(c) The terraine looked like where she grew up and that Chris must have loved it.
(d) The place looked like a frozen desert.

5. Why does Krakauer think Chris could not excrete poison from his body?
(a) Melted snow water caused him to become severely constipated.
(b) His deteriorated body did not have enough glucose and amino acids to bind with the poisons.
(c) His bowel and urinary sustems had shut down.
(d) He did not have enough white blood cells to fight organisms.

6. When did Jon Krakauer interview Walt McCandless?
(a) On what would have been Chris's birthday.
(b) A year after Chris died.
(c) Seven weeks after Chris's body was recovered.
(d) Never. He would not speak with Krakauer.

7. When Krakauer was at the mountain he came to climb, what enhanced his emotions?
(a) Two sturdy aluminum curtain rods with him, lashed in a cross shape, to prevent him from falling into a crevasse.
(b) The cheers of the people who came to see him off.
(c) The clean air which gave him an oxygen high.
(d) The beauty of the snowy terrain and clear sky was intensified for him by his solitude.

8. What affected the eating habits of Chris's family?
(a) Thinking more about the homeless.
(b) Not being able to eat rice.
(c) Thinking about how they found Chris's body.
(d) Learning that he starved to death.

9. What characteristic of his father's does Krakauer mention as a flaw?
(a) That his father never climbed a mountain.
(b) That his father could never admit to being wrong.
(c) That his father was too kind to everyone.
(d) That his father worked too many jobs.

10. What evidence does Krakauer find that suggests Chris was ready to re-enter society?
(a) The graffiti Chris drew on the bus indicated he wanted to see people again.
(b) Chris had written down the names and addresses of everyone who had helped him so he could visit them again.
(c) Chris's journal indicated that he was beginning to doubt Thoreau.
(d) Doctor Zhivago, a book Chris was reading, includes that genuine happiness must be shared with one's fellow human beings and Chris had made a note beside that passage.

11. What does Krakauer think actually killed Chris?
(a) Poisonous leaves he was reduced to eating.
(b) Tainted canned goods he found in the bus.
(c) Choking on rabbit bones.
(d) The wild potato seeds he was eating.

12. How did Chris travel the 1,000 miles from Laird, Alaska, to Fairbanks?
(a) A truck driver named Gaylord Stuckey picked him up.
(b) He walked most of the way.
(c) Jim Gallien gave him a lift.
(d) Hitchhiking, he got a series of rides.

13. How far did Chris travel on the Stampede Trail before he located the abandoned bus?
(a) Ten miles.
(b) Twenty miles.
(c) Forty miles.
(d) A mile and a half.

14. What did Walt leave in the bus?
(a) A flashlight and some batteries.
(b) A memorial plaque.
(c) A book about edible plants in the area.
(d) An emergency radio operated by a hand crank.

15. What connection did Jim Gallien make when he read the article about Chris's death?
(a) Chris was the young hitchhiker he had given a ride to the Stampede Trail.
(b) The .22-caliber rifle they found in the bus was the same as the hitchhiker's he'd given a ride to.
(c) The rubber boots the news article mentioned were the ones he'd given Chris.
(d) The empty bag of rice the article said the police found in the bus reminded him of the hitchhiker he'd picked up.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the Candless family not follow the route Chris had taken to get to the bus as Billie wanted?

2. What spurred Krakauer on after his failed attempt to climb Devil's Thumb?

3. What happened to Billie in July of 1992?

4. What important work does Walt McCandless do?

5. In light of his own experiences, what does Krakauer think of Chris's tactics?

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