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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Franz offered to give Chris a ride to his campsite, what is it he didn't know?
(a) About the Oh-My-God Hot Springs.
(b) If his truck would make the trip and back.
(c) Whether Chris was dangerous or not.
(d) That he would have to walk to see Chris's campsite.

2. What prevented Jan and Bob from going to Bullhead City to pick Chris up?
(a) Information that they were wanted by the police.
(b) A series of freak desert storms.
(c) Their mobile home broke down.
(d) He arrived at their door before they could leave.

3. In what area do people who knew Chris agree that he was inexperienced?
(a) Having a relationship with a girl.
(b) Managing money.
(c) Living off the land.
(d) Cooking for himself.

4. What did Gallien think about Chris's weapon?
(a) It was badly in need of cleaning.
(b) It had no case to put it in for protection from the weather.
(c) It was difficult to carry.
(d) It was too small to be effective against large animals.

5. Impressed with Chris's intelligence, what did Franz try to get him to do?
(a) Get an education.
(b) Clean up and get a good job.
(c) Start teaching young people.
(d) Write a book about his travels.

6. Why did Christ steal a bicycle in Northern California?
(a) He had always wanted a bike like that.
(b) The man he worked for refused to pay him.
(c) He intended to return and pay for it.
(d) He was delirious at the time and did not know what he was doing.

7. What is Krakauer's obvious purpose of including the information in Chapter 9?
(a) Krakauer points out that there have historically been examples of sick isolationists.
(b) Krakauer gradually and artfully transforms the reader's view of Chris from mentally ill isolationist to knowledgeable spiritual seeker.
(c) Krakauer skillfully shows that there has never been someone like Chris McCandless.
(d) Krakauer gives examples to leave the reader confused about Chris.

8. Where did Chris McCandless come from?
(a) New York City.
(b) Berkley, California.
(c) Houston, Texas.
(d) Washington, D.C.

9. What does Ruess's biographer, Ken Sleight, believe happened to Ruess?
(a) Accidental drowning.
(b) Falling from a cliff.
(c) A robbery and murder.
(d) Ruess changed his name and disappeared.

10. What did Krakauer include in the book besides events he uncovered from the life of Chris McCandless?
(a) Some allusions to Huckelberry Finn.
(b) Adventures of several other young men.
(c) Facts and figures from the U. S. Census Bureau.
(d) Some of his own experiences as a young man.

11. What news seriously alarmed Jan Burres?
(a) That Alex might be a serial killer.
(b) That Alex was wanted by the Nevada police.
(c) That Alex never intended to see any of his family again.
(d) That Alex had burned the last of his money when he abandoned his car.

12. Why does Krakauer devote Chapter 9 to the story of Everett Ruess?
(a) Krakauer wants to demonstrate mental illness in Ruess.
(b) Karkauer wants to expand the scope of his thesis.
(c) Krakauer sees great similarities between Ruess and Chris.
(d) Krakauer wants to show how different Ruess is from Chris.

13. What was the similar experience that led to both of these stories of drop out and adventure?
(a) Both of them graduated from Emory University.
(b) Both of them drove Yellow Datsons.
(c) Both of them were classical musicians.
(d) Both of them had issues with their family life.

14. What steps did Walt and Billie take to find Chris?
(a) They went on TV begging Chris to come home.
(b) They hired a private investigator.
(c) They got the police to put out an APB on Chris.
(d) They took a trip to Eureka, California.

15. What work did Chris (Alex) do while he stayed with Jan and Bob at The Slabs?
(a) Acting as a security gurad.
(b) Selling in their fleamarket books stall.
(c) Making hamburgers that he learned how to do at McDonald's.
(d) Digging ditches.

Short Answer Questions

1. What comment does Krakauer make about Chris's fondness for Jack London?

2. At what point did Chris stop writing in his journal?

3. What did Chris do on frequent visits to Franz's apartment in Salton City?

4. What did Chris realize after he decided to abandon his once beloved Datsun?

5. What is Krakauer's message by using the details of the moose hunter's trip to the bus?

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