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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What complication did Chris face while living in The Slabs?
(a) He got into an argument with Jan Burres.
(b) The other drifters believed he was an undercover cop.
(c) Tracy, a 17-year-old girl developed a huge crush on him.
(d) He could produce no identification when the border patrol came to the camp.

2. What did Chris make at Franz's house?
(a) A leather belt that depicted all his travels to date.
(b) A new leather backpack.
(c) A wallet to give to Franz.
(d) A pair of moccasins.

3. What does Krakauer suggest shows that Chris was not mentally ill?
(a) He wrote lucidly in his journal.
(b) He had studied up on edible plants in America.
(c) He had decided this would be his last adventure.
(d) Chris had no illusion that someone would come to save him.

4. What is The Slabs?
(a) An old U. S. Calvary outpost.
(b) An abandoned military base where drifters come during the winter.
(c) A settlement of people who erect their tents on concrete slabs.
(d) A flat, rocky area in the Arizona desert.

5. How did Chris describe Charlie, the man who let him stay in a vacant mobile home?
(a) As a lunatic.
(b) As a father figure.
(c) As being benevolent.
(d) As uneducated.

6. Where did Alex stay outside of Salton City?
(a) Palm Springs.
(b) Right at Oh-My-God Hot Springs.
(c) Joshua Tree National Park.
(d) Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

7. What appears to be Krakauer's main motive in writing Into The Wild?
(a) To defend Chris McCandless from his critics.
(b) To justify his own youth.
(c) To win a Pulitzer Prize.
(d) To sell it to the movies.

8. Who had left Chris a $40,000 inheritance for his school?
(a) A former employer.
(b) A wealthy uncle.
(c) His grandmother.
(d) A friend of the family.

9. What did Chris do after Westerberg was jailed?
(a) He kept himself hidden because the police might have been looking for him.
(b) He hitchhiked to Needles, California, then walked through the desert to Topock, Arizona.
(c) He headed north to Alaska.
(d) He stayed with Westerberg's family until he got out.

10. What did Gallien notice about Chris's boots?
(a) They were too large for his feet.
(b) They were designed for mountain climbing.
(c) They were lightweight and not waterproof.
(d) They were old and ripped out at the seams.

11. Why did Chris adopt the name Alex Burres?
(a) He realized he needed a second name.
(b) He liked the initials AB.
(c) He became a surrogate for Jan Burres's estranged son.
(d) He took it when people thought he was Jan's son.

12. Who had carved a passage from the creek up to the dry gulch?
(a) Campers.
(b) American Indians.
(c) Mormon cattlemen.
(d) Railroad explorers.

13. What food was Chris extremely fond of?
(a) Hotdogs.
(b) Broccoli.
(c) Rice.
(d) Grilled cheese.

14. Where did Chris McCandless come from?
(a) Berkley, California.
(b) New York City.
(c) Houston, Texas.
(d) Washington, D.C.

15. After a series of misadventures on his way to San Diego, why did Chris call Franz?
(a) To tell Franz that he was in the hospital.
(b) To come pick him up.
(c) To ask him to send money.
(d) To see if he had gotten any mail.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Chris do on frequent visits to Franz's apartment in Salton City?

2. What did Chris do with the $24,000 he had left over from his inheritance?

3. What is Krakauer's message by using the details of the moose hunter's trip to the bus?

4. What effect had Chris had on Ronald Franz?

5. How did Chris get to San Francisco?

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