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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15, The Stikine Ice Cap.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Chris corresponded with his sister, what did he confide to her?
(a) That he planned to lull his parents into a false sense of security then cut them out of his life abruptly and decisively.
(b) That he would surprise them all and come home.
(c) That he would see her by Christmas time.
(d) That he was tired of being on the run all the time.

2. What does Krakauer think might have made the difference in Chris's survival?
(a) If he had found a warmer shelter in Alaska.
(b) If he had brought along some brandy.
(c) If he had taken someone with him.
(d) If he had not made one or two critical mistakes.

3. Where did Chris meet Wayne Westerberg?
(a) In Carthage, South Dakota.
(b) In Los Angeles.
(c) On the Colorado River.
(d) In Fairbanks, Alaska.

4. What did Krakauer do similar to what Chris did when he needed to go to the village of Petersberg?
(a) He burned his money.
(b) He abandoned his car.
(c) He bought a big bag of rice.
(d) He sent postcards to friends.

5. Two decades later, what has Krakauer learned about his relationship with his father?
(a) Krakauer realizes he was selfish, stubborn, and as difficult for his father to deal with as his father's behavior had been for him.
(b) Krakauer learned that he had been right to defy his father.
(c) Krakauer learned that he had improved himself by not becoming like his father.
(d) Krakauer learned that his father was always shallow and always would be.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Chris describe Charlie, the man who let him stay in a vacant mobile home?

2. How did Chris introduce himself to Gallien?

3. What daunting challenge did Krakauer set for himself as a young man?

4. What was the similar experience that led to both of these stories of drop out and adventure?

5. What group of Irish aesthetics does Krakauer include in Chapter 9?

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