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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, Virginia Beach.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Chris decide to go to San Diego?
(a) To catch a steamer going up the coast to Alaska.
(b) To catch a train to Alaska.
(c) To find work for money for his Alaskan trip.
(d) To get a suntan at the beach before heading North.

2. What is Krakauer's obvious purpose of including the information in Chapter 9?
(a) Krakauer gives examples to leave the reader confused about Chris.
(b) Krakauer gradually and artfully transforms the reader's view of Chris from mentally ill isolationist to knowledgeable spiritual seeker.
(c) Krakauer skillfully shows that there has never been someone like Chris McCandless.
(d) Krakauer points out that there have historically been examples of sick isolationists.

3. What message did Chris leave taped to the door of the bus?
(a) That visitors were welcome.
(b) That he would return in an hour.
(c) That he had staked a claim on this bus.
(d) That he was near death.

4. What surprising thing about Chris does Westerberg remember about him?
(a) That he secretly had a sexual fantasy about his sister.
(b) That he would eventually end up in a monastery in Tibet.
(c) That he knew what he was doing was unfair to his parents.
(d) That he had expressed a desire to marry and have a family some day.

5. What happened to Billie in July of 1992?
(a) She had a vivid dream of Chris calling her for help.
(b) She was diagnosed with cancer.
(c) She had a nervous breakdown.
(d) She had a dibilitating auto accident.

Short Answer Questions

1. What trait did sports reveal in Chris?

2. What is the tone of Krakauer's book?

3. Who had carved a passage from the creek up to the dry gulch?

4. What strange actions did Chris take right after graduating college?

5. What alias did Ruess carve on the walls of the canyon?

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