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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, Virginia Beach.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Alex stay outside of Salton City?
(a) Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.
(b) Right at Oh-My-God Hot Springs.
(c) Joshua Tree National Park.
(d) Palm Springs.

2. What family outings did the McCandless family mention to Krakauer?
(a) A yearly trip to Texas.
(b) Going to the Grand Canyon every year.
(c) A beach house in Cape Cod.
(d) Camping trips with an Airstream Trailer.

3. How were Chris's ideals defined in his own mind?
(a) He valued chastity and moral purity as defined by Tolstoy and Thoreau.
(b) They were defined by the works of Phillip Roth and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
(c) His ideals were defined by his own sense of injustice in the world.
(d) They were defined by the poetry of E.E. cummings.

4. After a series of misadventures on his way to San Diego, why did Chris call Franz?
(a) To see if he had gotten any mail.
(b) To ask him to send money.
(c) To tell Franz that he was in the hospital.
(d) To come pick him up.

5. In regards to family, how do Ruess and Chris compare?
(a) Ruess and Chris both missed their families as they traveled.
(b) Like Chris, Ruess felt his family supported his travels.
(c) They both were alienated from their families.
(d) Ruess seemed to be on good relations with his family unlike Chris.

Short Answer Questions

1. In light of his own experiences, what does Krakauer think of Chris's tactics?

2. What steps did Walt and Billie take to find Chris?

3. What did Chris do on frequent visits to Franz's apartment in Salton City?

4. Still calling himself by another name, Chris met two drifters who befriend him. Who were they?

5. How long did Chris survive in that hostile environment?

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