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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, Virginia Beach.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What indicates that Chris intended his Alaska trip to be his final great adventure?
(a) He had lost a great deal of weight and looked ill.
(b) Before leaving, Alex promised Westerberg he would return in time for the fall harvest.
(c) He talked about returning to take care of Ron Franz.
(d) He said he was sure this trip would tire him out completely.

2. What group of Irish aesthetics does Krakauer include in Chapter 9?
(a) The highlanders.
(b) St Patrick monks.
(c) The Celtic travelers.
(d) The papar.

3. How do Waterman and Chris differ?
(a) Chris was able to make friends, Waterman was socially awkward.
(b) Chis was short and Waterman was very tall.
(c) Chris burned his money, but Waterman always had money with him.
(d) Chris was afraid of the water and Waterman feared heights.

4. How were Chris's ideals defined in his own mind?
(a) His ideals were defined by his own sense of injustice in the world.
(b) They were defined by the works of Phillip Roth and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
(c) He valued chastity and moral purity as defined by Tolstoy and Thoreau.
(d) They were defined by the poetry of E.E. cummings.

5. In what area do people who knew Chris agree that he was inexperienced?
(a) Living off the land.
(b) Managing money.
(c) Having a relationship with a girl.
(d) Cooking for himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was in the McCandless house that speaks to the feelings of Walt and Billie McCandless toward Chris?

2. Although Waterman became something of a local hero, what job did he have in Fairbanks?

3. How does Krakauer answer Chris's critics?

4. What did Chris do the summer after his sophomore year in college?

5. What device does Krakauer use to open Chapter 1 and subsequent chapters?

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