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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, Virginia Beach.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Gallien know about city people who came to do what Chris had in mind?
(a) They quickly walked back to Fairbanks.
(b) They never got around to writing about their adventure.
(c) Such greenhorns usually underestimated the wilderness to their own peril.
(d) They usually gave up after three days.

2. What Tolstoy book was found inside the bus?
(a) Family Happiness.
(b) The Cherry Orchard.
(c) War and Peace.
(d) The Gulag Archipeliago.

3. What did Chris make at Franz's house?
(a) A wallet to give to Franz.
(b) A new leather backpack.
(c) A leather belt that depicted all his travels to date.
(d) A pair of moccasins.

4. What family outings did the McCandless family mention to Krakauer?
(a) Going to the Grand Canyon every year.
(b) A yearly trip to Texas.
(c) A beach house in Cape Cod.
(d) Camping trips with an Airstream Trailer.

5. What did Chris tell Gallien his plans were?
(a) To walk into the wilderness near Denali National Park to live off the land for several months.
(b) To hike from Mt. McKinley to the Gulf of Mexico.
(c) To hike as far north as he could go.
(d) To write a book like Thoreau.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Chris do on frequent visits to Franz's apartment in Salton City?

2. How does Chapter 1 begin?

3. What was Chris carrying when he met Jim Gallien?

4. What news seriously alarmed Jan Burres?

5. What is Davis Gulch?

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