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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Anza-Borrego.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Krakauer include so much about the McCandless family in Chapter 3?
(a) Just for conversation with Wayne Westerberg.
(b) To make Chris seem thoughtless and cold.
(c) To contrast them with the adoptive Westerberg family.
(d) To give the reader an idea that Chris might change his mind.

2. How did Walt and Billie McCandless learn in Chapter 4 where their son might be?
(a) They received a ticket issued to their son for hitchhiking near Eureka, California.
(b) Jan Burres called them.
(c) They saw him on a newscast on TV.
(d) One of Chris's high school friends got a call from Chris.

3. Why does Krakauer include a narrative about moose hunters driving off-road trucks to get to the site Chris eventually found?
(a) To provide a bit of humor against the tension of the story.
(b) To show the difficulties even well-equipped people have in this wilderness.
(c) To put a note of optimism into the story which sustains the suspense.
(d) To explain the existence of the bus where Chris stayed.

4. After a series of misadventures on his way to San Diego, why did Chris call Franz?
(a) To come pick him up.
(b) To ask him to send money.
(c) To tell Franz that he was in the hospital.
(d) To see if he had gotten any mail.

5. What work did Chris (Alex) do while he stayed with Jan and Bob at The Slabs?
(a) Selling in their fleamarket books stall.
(b) Digging ditches.
(c) Making hamburgers that he learned how to do at McDonald's.
(d) Acting as a security gurad.

Short Answer Questions

1. What complication did Chris face while living in The Slabs?

2. What strange actions did Chris take right after graduating college?

3. How does Krakauer classify Chris as opposed to the way most people saw him?

4. What did Butch Killian want to do when he arrived on the bus scene where Chris had died?

5. What is The Slabs?

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