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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Anza-Borrego.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Chapter 1 begin?
(a) With a conversation Chris has with an Inuit.
(b) With a postcard written by McCandless, addressed to Wayne Westerberg in Carthage, South Dakota.
(c) With a description of the Alaskan wildeerness.
(d) With a letter Chris writes to his sister.

2. What is Krakauer's message by using the details of the moose hunter's trip to the bus?
(a) It is how he explains the difficulty in getting to the place where Chris died.
(b) He shows that even seasoned hunters must contend with the harsh elements of the northwest.
(c) He breaks up the story to keep it interesting.
(d) He shows more about how beautiful the landscape is in that place.

3. What does Krakauer think might have made the difference in Chris's survival?
(a) If he had not made one or two critical mistakes.
(b) If he had found a warmer shelter in Alaska.
(c) If he had taken someone with him.
(d) If he had brought along some brandy.

4. Where did Chris's canoe trip eventually take him after going as far as he could down the Colorado River?
(a) He headed South and ended up in Acapulco.
(b) He ended up staying with a Mexican family for six weeks.
(c) Some duck hunters agreed to drive him to the Gulf of California.
(d) He retraced his way back upstream.

5. What did Krakauer include in the book besides events he uncovered from the life of Chris McCandless?
(a) Some of his own experiences as a young man.
(b) Facts and figures from the U. S. Census Bureau.
(c) Adventures of several other young men.
(d) Some allusions to Huckelberry Finn.

Short Answer Questions

1. What human contact did Chris have as he hikeed West from Lake Mead?

2. Where did Chris live while he was in Carthage?

3. What did Gallien notice about Chris's boots?

4. What problem did Killian have in contacting the authorities?

5. What work did Chris (Alex) do while he stayed with Jan and Bob at The Slabs?

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