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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Detrital Wash.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Chris do with the $24,000 he had left over from his inheritance?
(a) He donated it to OXFAM.
(b) He gave it to UNICEF.
(c) He gave it to his sister.
(d) He gave it to the Salvation Army.

2. What did Walt and Billie McCandless discover when they drive to Chris's apartment in Atlanta?
(a) That Chris had never lived there.
(b) That he had moved out three months before.
(c) That there was no such address.
(d) That the building had been torn down.

3. Who had left Chris a $40,000 inheritance for his school?
(a) A former employer.
(b) A wealthy uncle.
(c) His grandmother.
(d) A friend of the family.

4. Where did Chris meet Wayne Westerberg?
(a) On the Colorado River.
(b) In Fairbanks, Alaska.
(c) In Carthage, South Dakota.
(d) In Los Angeles.

5. What event happened in April 1992 that prompted the writing of Into The Wild?
(a) Christopher McCandless disappeared and no one ever knew what happened to him.
(b) There was a volcano that killed a young man named Christopher McCandless.
(c) An 80-year-old man called OUTSIDE Magazine to tell them about Chris McCandless.
(d) Christopher McCandless hitchhiked to Alaska and entered the wilderness north of Mt. McKinley and four months later, a party of hunters found his body.

Short Answer Questions

1. What appears to be Krakauer's main motive in writing Into The Wild?

2. Where did Chris live while he was in Carthage?

3. What did Chris do after Westerberg was jailed?

4. Why did Chris write in his journal that hiking around Lake Meade was a mistake?

5. How does Krakauer classify Chris as opposed to the way most people saw him?

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