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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16, The Alaska Interior.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At which stop did Chris remain for the longest time?
(a) In Bullhead City, Arizona.
(b) In Fairbanks, Alaska.
(c) Back at the Westenberg's house.
(d) On the coast in Oregon.

2. What type of people did Ruess like to spend time with?
(a) Native Americans and Russians.
(b) Hikers and rafters.
(c) Vagabonds and drifters.
(d) Photographers and painters.

3. What did Chris tell Gallien his plans were?
(a) To hike from Mt. McKinley to the Gulf of Mexico.
(b) To hike as far north as he could go.
(c) To walk into the wilderness near Denali National Park to live off the land for several months.
(d) To write a book like Thoreau.

4. What complication did Chris face while living in The Slabs?
(a) Tracy, a 17-year-old girl developed a huge crush on him.
(b) He got into an argument with Jan Burres.
(c) The other drifters believed he was an undercover cop.
(d) He could produce no identification when the border patrol came to the camp.

5. What comment does Krakauer make about Chris's fondness for Jack London?
(a) That London's books had all been proven to be false.
(b) That London lectured against doing exactly what Chris was doing.
(c) That London had never actually been in Alaska.
(d) That Chris did not recognize London's lifestyle was different from the people he wrote about.

Short Answer Questions

1. What trait did sports reveal in Chris?

2. Where did Chris's canoe trip eventually take him after going as far as he could down the Colorado River?

3. What affected the eating habits of Chris's family?

4. What news seriously alarmed Jan Burres?

5. During an interview with Krakauer, what does Westerberg say about Chris?

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