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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16, The Alaska Interior.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what way did Chris exhibit a double standard about money?
(a) He now wanted to collect all the money he could to outfit himself for Alaska.
(b) He refused to take money for the work he did, but accepted goods that probably cost as much.
(c) He borrowed money that he knew he could never repay.
(d) He refused to let Jan drive him to pick up his last check at McDonald's.

2. How far did Chris travel on the Stampede Trail before he located the abandoned bus?
(a) Ten miles.
(b) Twenty miles.
(c) Forty miles.
(d) A mile and a half.

3. Who gave Krakauer dinner and a place to sleep in Petersberg?
(a) A drifter named Jan Buress.
(b) The captain of a tuna fishing boat.
(c) A kind woman named Kai Sandburn.
(d) A policeman offered him a jail cell.

4. What message did Chris leave taped to the door of the bus?
(a) That visitors were welcome.
(b) That he would return in an hour.
(c) That he had staked a claim on this bus.
(d) That he was near death.

5. After dropping Chris off, why did Gallien decide not to notify the authorities?
(a) He promised he would not do that.
(b) He decided Chris would give up on his foolish plan soon enough.
(c) It slipped his mind after he got back to town.
(d) He planned to return to check up on Chris.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Chris get to San Francisco?

2. What shows Chris's attitude toward injustices that began when he was in college?

3. What device does Krakauer use to open Chapter 1 and subsequent chapters?

4. At which stop did Chris remain for the longest time?

5. Where did Chris live while he was in Carthage?

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