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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Bullhead City.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What human contact did Chris have as he hikeed West from Lake Mead?
(a) A few vagabonds and some law officers.
(b) People in a small village.
(c) A troop of Boy Scouts.
(d) Men working on an oil drilling rig.

2. What did Gallien think about Chris's weapon?
(a) It had no case to put it in for protection from the weather.
(b) It was difficult to carry.
(c) It was too small to be effective against large animals.
(d) It was badly in need of cleaning.

3. Where did Chris live while he was in Carthage?
(a) In the Westerberg home.
(b) In a tack room.
(c) At the YMCA.
(d) In a cheap boarding house.

4. What questions did Chris ask Gallien that impressed the older man?
(a) Informed questions about the flora and fauna of Alaska.
(b) About traffic in that part of Alaska.
(c) About moose and carribu.
(d) About the length of winters in Alaska.

5. How had Chris already been separating himself from his family?
(a) By not speaking to them for months at a time.
(b) By living off campus in a room that had no phone.
(c) By only meeting them occasionally at a restaurant.
(d) By going out of town for holidays and weekends.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Krakauer's message by using the details of the moose hunter's trip to the bus?

2. Why is the Stampede Trail still in use?

3. How did Chris describe Charlie, the man who let him stay in a vacant mobile home?

4. What was Chris carrying when he met Jim Gallien?

5. What is Krakauer's thesis about Chris?

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