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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Bullhead City.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What work did Chris (Alex) do while he stayed with Jan and Bob at The Slabs?
(a) Digging ditches.
(b) Acting as a security gurad.
(c) Making hamburgers that he learned how to do at McDonald's.
(d) Selling in their fleamarket books stall.

2. What is Krakauer's thesis about Chris?
(a) That no one had fully informed Chris about all the dangers he faced.
(b) That Chris was never in full command of his faculties.
(c) That McCandless understood the risks he faced and came fully prepared to surmount them.
(d) That Chris had been given misinformation that led to his doing the wrong things.

3. What steps did Walt and Billie take to find Chris?
(a) They got the police to put out an APB on Chris.
(b) They went on TV begging Chris to come home.
(c) They hired a private investigator.
(d) They took a trip to Eureka, California.

4. What was Chris's plan for after college that he did not tell his family?
(a) He planed to commit suicide.
(b) He planed to go live in Mexico.
(c) He planed to marry a girl his parents did not approve of.
(d) He planed to go on an indefinite road trip.

5. How had Chris already been separating himself from his family?
(a) By living off campus in a room that had no phone.
(b) By only meeting them occasionally at a restaurant.
(c) By going out of town for holidays and weekends.
(d) By not speaking to them for months at a time.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Chris realize after he decided to abandon his once beloved Datsun?

2. What comment does Krakauer make about Chris's fondness for Jack London?

3. Why did Chris adopt the name Alex Burres?

4. After dropping Chris off, why did Gallien decide not to notify the authorities?

5. What did Gallien think about Chris's weapon?

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