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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14, The Stikine Ice Cap.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Krakauer was at the mountain he came to climb, what enhanced his emotions?
(a) The clean air which gave him an oxygen high.
(b) The cheers of the people who came to see him off.
(c) Two sturdy aluminum curtain rods with him, lashed in a cross shape, to prevent him from falling into a crevasse.
(d) The beauty of the snowy terrain and clear sky was intensified for him by his solitude.

2. What does Ruess's biographer, Ken Sleight, believe happened to Ruess?
(a) Accidental drowning.
(b) Falling from a cliff.
(c) A robbery and murder.
(d) Ruess changed his name and disappeared.

3. Why does Krakauer relate his own experiences in Chapter 14?
(a) To show his affinity with Chris.
(b) To see if he is any different now as a mature man.
(c) To show how he was so much better than Chris.
(d) To prove that he had no right to write about Chris.

4. What news seriously alarmed Jan Burres?
(a) That Alex might be a serial killer.
(b) That Alex never intended to see any of his family again.
(c) That Alex was wanted by the Nevada police.
(d) That Alex had burned the last of his money when he abandoned his car.

5. When Krakauer reached an impassable place on the mountain, what did he do?
(a) There was nothing to do but descend.
(b) He radioed for help.
(c) He sat down and cried.
(d) He started traveling horizontally on the mountain.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Walt and Billie McCandless learn in Chapter 4 where their son might be?

2. Why did Chris write in his journal that hiking around Lake Meade was a mistake?

3. What did Krakauer do similar to what Chris did when he needed to go to the village of Petersberg?

4. Where did Chris's canoe trip eventually take him after going as far as he could down the Colorado River?

5. Why does Krakauer devote Chapter 9 to the story of Everett Ruess?

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