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The Canoe

Chris buys this object used when he decides to head down the Colorado River all the way to the Gulf of California.

The Oars

Frightened by a storm at sea which threatens to take his life, Chris uses these to beat his canoe.

The Tooled Leather Belt

This object is an artistic creation inscribed with pictorial representations of Chris's travels.

Ten Pound Bag of Rice

Chris takes this object with him into the wilderness for nourishment.

The Stampede Trail

This is a passageway in the Alaskan northwest that crosses rivers and creeks without bridges.

The Bus

This object was modified with bunks and stoves to house the construction workers laying down a road along the trail path and was never removed.

Gallien's Boots

Chris receives this gift when it is noted he does not own a waterproof pair.

Annandale, Virginia

This is a suburb area that...

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