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Author's Note

1. What event happened in April 1992 that prompted the writing of Into The Wild?
(a) Christopher McCandless hitchhiked to Alaska and entered the wilderness north of Mt. McKinley and four months later, a party of hunters found his body.
(b) An 80-year-old man called OUTSIDE Magazine to tell them about Chris McCandless.
(c) There was a volcano that killed a young man named Christopher McCandless.
(d) Christopher McCandless disappeared and no one ever knew what happened to him.

2. Where did Chris McCandless come from?
(a) Houston, Texas.
(b) Berkley, California.
(c) Washington, D.C.
(d) New York City.

3. Where had Chris McCandless attended school and graduated with honors?
(a) The University of Virginia.
(b) Harvard University.
(c) Emory University.
(d) Yale University.

4. What strange actions did Chris take right after graduating college?
(a) He began a backpack trip that he hoped would eventually take him around the world.
(b) He shot his father and spent the next three years on the run from the police.
(c) He gave his car to his sister and took a bicycle to New York where he went to work on a merchant ship.
(d) He gave away his entire savings to charity, abandoned his possessions, and became a drifter and wilderness explorer.

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