Into the Wild Character Descriptions

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Christopher Johnson McCandless

A young man who tries to please an overbearing father until he discovers skeletons in his father's closet.

Wayne Westerberg

This man does not judge the main individual in this book, making that individual wish his father was more like this man.

Samuel Walter McCandless, Jr.

This self-made individual has a career at NASA and later with Hughes Aircraft . For the first 17 years of this person's present marriage, this individual lived a double life, secretly still married to their first spouse.

Billie McCandless

This mother feels punished alongside her husband when their son leaves town without a word.

Carine McCandless

This younger sibling is the only family member the main individual in this book feels comfortable sharing feelings with.

Jan Burres

This individual is a mother figure who takes a hungry young boy she and her boyfriend meet on the side of the road.

Ronald Franz

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