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Author's Note

• Jon Krakauer wrote an article about Chris McCandless for OUTSIDE Magazine.

• His fascination did not end and he began researching to write the book, Into The Wild.

• Krakauer chooses to include some of his own personal history in the book.
• The public reaction to Chris's story was mostly negative.

• People thought Chris was ignorant and foolishly threw his life away.

• Krakauer's bias shows that he wants to vindicate Chris McCandless.

Chapter 1, The Alaska Interior

• A postcard written to Wayne Westerberg in South Dakota indicates that Chris thought he might not return alive.

• The encounter with Jim Gallien set the mood for serious difficulties ahead.

• Chris, calling himself Alex, impressed Gallien with his intelligent questions.
• Gallien noticed Chris's boots and gave him some rubber boots he would need in the snow.

• Gallien dropped Alex off at the Stampede Trail, which Chris planed to follow.

• Gallien thought about...

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