Into the Beautiful North Fun Activities

Urre, Luis Alberto
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Write a diary entry from Nayeli's perspective. Include which actor she wants to marry, where she wants to move, and why she wants to move there.


Write a poem about the summer in Nayeli's Mexican village. Include the references to the weather, coastal beaches, and wildlife.


Nayeli's village does not exist on a map. Create a map of the area based on the book's description, including the nearest town, and an approximation of the bottomlands.


Write a speech for Irma to give. Include what she means by declaring that it is time for a new kind of femininity.


Create a soundtrack of ten songs that go along with the story's plot. Include an explanation for why you chose each song. At least two songs should be from Mexican artists.


Create a new cover for the book. Change the color scheme, picture, and...

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