Into the Beautiful North Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Urre, Luis Alberto
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Essay Topic 1

What does the name of Tacho's Taqueria e Internet “La Mano Caída,” meaning The Fallen Hand Taco Shop and Internet Café, signify about his sexual identity? How does Tacho transform a derogatory idea into a gay pride stance?

Essay Topic 2

Why does Irma believe life and love are war? How does she try to prepare Nayeli, both physically and emotionally, to be a winner at life?

Essay Topic 3

Nayeli has graduated and is a champion futbolista, so why does she feel she does not have options? What does she think is out of her reach and how does it make her feel?

Essay Topic 4

What does it mean that people in Tres Camarones do not say hello, they say goodbye? Is there a literal as well as a metaphorical meaning to this saying? Explain.

Essay Topic 5

When Irma is elected, she declares that a new...

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