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Gitta Sereny
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Short Answer Questions

1. Stangl described what when he first traveled to Treblinka, his new assignment with an SS driver?

2. What was the age of the oldest child sharing the railway station at Treblinka with Pan Zabecki and his family?

3. What was the name of the dog trained to attack people in the genital areas in Treblinka?

4. What camp survivor worked at a US hotel and was remarried to a German woman after the war?

5. Who as former administrative director of T4 implied that men more inferior than Germans volunteered for "Aktion T4" and "Aktion Reinhardt?"

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Pope Pius XI concerned about National Socialism?

2. Why did Stangl's wife make a weekly six hour round trip by train between Wels and Glasenbach?

3. How did Stangl respond upon the author's return in June and who did the author bring with her this time?

4. How did Otto Horn describe Gustav Munzberger's job at Treblinka?

5. What was Otto Horn's role in Treblinka?

6. From the Treblinka Camp diagram and Legend what were the main camp divisions?

7. How did the author describe Richard Glazar and his family when she visited his home in 1972?

8. What happened to Glazar's two step-brothers from his mother's remarriage?

9. What was the Lazarett at Treblinka?

10. The author broke up conversations with Stangl into two parts, so what did she do in this interim time and how long was it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What efforts did Stangl and others take to minimize the horror of the death camps for the victims as well as the camp workers? Be sure to include the false railway station in your responses. How effective were those efforts (support with details as described in the biography)?

Essay Topic 2

Explain the similarities and differences between Extermination and Concentration camps for Jews. Discuss layouts, length of time before typically closing a site, daily operations, survival rates, workers, etc.

Essay Topic 3

At one point in the book it was observed that just as the prisoners were trying to survive the camps, so were Franz Stangl and the other free men assigned to work at Treblinka. What details in the book illustrate that point, and how was this cultivation for survival reflected in their attitudes, daily operations, etc.?

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