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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to keep Louis from killing the girl?

2. After leaving the hotel, where do Louis and Lestat live?

3. When Louis and Lestat arrive in New Orleans the day after the burning of Pointe du Lac, what does Louis choose for sustenance?

4. How does Louis know Lestat is alive just prior to their midnight departure time?

5. What does Claudia tell Lestat as she presents him with his gift?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Lestat say he and Louis should share a room at the plantation?

2. One of the vampire women says the men who created the paintings on the ballroom walls are evil. Why does she say this is true?

3. What does Armand say about having a child become a vampire?

4. What does Lestat use to convince Louis to remain with him?

5. What time of day does Louis set fire to the theater and why?

6. Why does Armand say that he became a vampire?

7. Louis says that Lestat would have loved a young man such as the interviewer. Why?

8. When Louis and Lestat are in the storage room at the Freniere plantation, Louis comes to a decision. What is it?

9. What reaction does Louis have to the smell of cooking meat?

10. While Louis tries to convince Babette that he is capable of doing good even if he himself is evil, he becomes weary. Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Louis's interaction with Babette. Why is Louis upset that Babette feels he is "from the Devil?"

Essay Topic 2

Describe how Louis and Claudia travel. What specific problems would they encounter aboard a ship that they would not have encountered in a large city? What kinds of places serve as the best "hunting grounds?"

Essay Topic 3

Why does Claudia need Madeline? Compare the way Claudia came to be a vampire to the events that led to Madeline's transformation.

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