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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Louis intend to live following the burning of Point du Lac?

2. What does Louis do following the death of the Franiere boy?

3. What does option does Lestat give Claudia on her first day with him?

4. What advice does Louis give Babette when she is facing the scorn of the community for taking the reins of her family's plantation?

5. What does the little girl ask as soon as she's revived?

Short Essay Questions

1. What theories are offered for the reason the vampires Louis and Claudia encounter are all mindless corpses?

2. Louis says that Lestat would have loved a young man such as the interviewer. Why?

3. Why does Claudia say the hotel in Paris is the perfect place for them to live?

4. What directions does Louis ask for as he prepares to leave the inn with Claudia? What does he pretend is the reason? What's the real reason?

5. What reaction does Louis have to the smell of cooking meat?

6. What does Lestat's father believe to be the cause of Lestat's odd hours?

7. Armand says that he killed Claudia. What was his purpose for telling this to Louis?

8. Why does Louis attack the interviewer?

9. What news does Armand offer about Claudia's chances of survival when he releases Louis from the coffin at the theater? Why does he say this?

10. Why does Louis say Lestat makes Claudia into a vampire?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the details of Louis's first kill. What changes over the coming years? Compare that to how Lestat's attitude about killing changes over the years.

Essay Topic 2

Why is it that Louis can't accept that Paul is seeing religious visions? What is it that he says about the reasons people believe evil more readily than good?

Essay Topic 3

Louis says that on the day he created the transformation of Madeline, the last vestige of humanity died within him. Explain this statement.

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