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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the theater to which Louis and Claudia are invited?
(a) Vapire Hall
(b) Theatre des Vampires
(c) Theatre of Death
(d) Theatre de la Monstrous

2. What is Santiago's fate?
(a) Louis cuts off his head
(b) He is burned to death
(c) He falls to his death
(d) He dies in the sunlight

3. How old is Armand?
(a) Four hundred years old
(b) Four hundred and twelve
(c) Eighty-seven
(d) Sixty-five

4. Louis meets a man outside the theater after having talked to Armand. What does the drunk man offer?
(a) To paint Louis
(b) To bring Claudia to Louis
(c) To feed Louis
(d) To sleep with Louis

5. In Louis's dream, what kind of flowers does his sister carry through the New Orleans cemetery?
(a) Yellow roses
(b) White chrysanthemums
(c) White daisies
(d) White roses

6. What warning does Louis offer to Armand after Claudia's death?
(a) To stay away from his room in the Theatre
(b) To stay at home
(c) To move his coffin to a different room
(d) To go to New Orleans

7. Claudia returns to the hotel in Paris one night with an object that Louis says is "wonderfully comforting." What is the object?
(a) A puppy
(b) A tiny coffin
(c) A puppet
(d) A small China doll

8. Louis says he detects a specific scent once inside the small inn in rural Europe. What was that scent?
(a) Stew
(b) Death
(c) Garlic
(d) Unwashed bodies

9. Where does she get the cards she plays with?
(a) From a fellow passenger
(b) Louis bought them for her
(c) She brought them from home
(d) Lestat bought them for her

10. Louis says that one of Claudia's similarities to Lestat was in her preference regarding the amount of light. What is Claudia's preference on this point?
(a) She enjoys light but only the natural light of the moon
(b) She likes light and lights lamps upon rising
(c) She likes only dim light and prefers only natural light of the moon
(d) She despises light and prefers total darkness

11. What argument does Armand use in his attempt to persuade Louis to move from the hotel into the theatre?
(a) That he should be with his own kind
(b) That there's safety in numbers
(c) That it's
(d) That the rent's cheaper

12. Who is the first vampire to confront Louis when he is setting fire to the theater?
(a) Denis
(b) Santiago
(c) Lestate
(d) Armand

13. What does Armand tell Louis about Louis's decision to make Madeline into a vampire?
(a) That Claudia had willed Louis to do it
(b) That Louis had done what was necessary for Claudia
(c) That Louis shouldn't have done it
(d) That Armand had willed Louis's action with his own mind

14. What is it that Louis takes with him when he returns to burn the theater?
(a) A gun
(b) A sickle
(c) A sword
(d) A scythe

15. What does Armand say about the number of vampires who live together?
(a) That it includes slaves
(b) That it fluctuates
(c) That the number is jealously guarded
(d) That additional women are taken in as needed

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Armand say Madeline and Claudia must leave Paris?

2. Louis finds Lestat holding something in his hands that makes him certain Claudia is dead. What is the item?

3. What three things does Armand say can kill a vampire?

4. What is the name of the hotel where Louis and Claudia stay in Paris?

5. Where was Armand when he became a vampire?

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