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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What warning does Louis offer to Armand after Claudia's death?
(a) To move his coffin to a different room
(b) To go to New Orleans
(c) To stay away from his room in the Theatre
(d) To stay at home

2. What is the fuel Louis uses to set the theater on fire?
(a) Diesel
(b) Candle wax
(c) Gas
(d) Kerosene

3. What does Armand tell Louis about Louis's decision to make Madeline into a vampire?
(a) That Armand had willed Louis's action with his own mind
(b) That Claudia had willed Louis to do it
(c) That Louis shouldn't have done it
(d) That Louis had done what was necessary for Claudia

4. Claudia returns to the hotel in Paris one night with an object that Louis says is "wonderfully comforting." What is the object?
(a) A puppy
(b) A tiny coffin
(c) A small China doll
(d) A puppet

5. What is the name of the hotel where Louis and Claudia stay in Paris?
(a) Hotel of Paris
(b) Hotel Saint-Gabriel
(c) Theatre de Vampires
(d) Pointe du Lac

6. What is the greatest crime a vampire can commit?
(a) Leaving a victim to suffer
(b) Killing another vampire
(c) Killing a child
(d) Making a child into a vampire

7. What was the name of the ship on which Louis and Claudia travel to Europe?
(a) The Mississippi
(b) The Explorer
(c) The Pointe du Lac
(d) The Mariana

8. What does the woman at the Inn give Louis as he prepares to leave?
(a) A sword
(b) A cup
(c) A crucifix
(d) A wooden stake

9. Louis asks Armand if vampires are the children of Satan. What is Armand's response?
(a) That vampires, except for Claudia, are not children
(b) That Satan and God are one
(c) That even Satan is the child of God, therefore so are vampires
(d) That Satan has no children, therefore vampires can't be his

10. What place does Louis want to go after Claudia's death?
(a) The Louvre
(b) The river
(c) The theatre
(d) The cemetery

11. What does Louis learn became of Denis?
(a) He left Paris
(b) He became a vampire
(c) He returned to his parents
(d) He died

12. What did the villager use to behead the woman in the grave that was dug up?
(a) A hatchet
(b) A sword
(c) A shovel
(d) An axe

13. What does Armand hand to Louis on their first meeting?
(a) A card with the name of the theatre
(b) A cup
(c) A watch
(d) A China doll

14. What sound alerts Louis to the fact that he's being followed by another vampire?
(a) A whistle
(b) Footsteps
(c) A heartbeat
(d) Applause

15. Why does Claudia say that Louis must drink of Madeline's blood?
(a) Because she is too little
(b) Because Madeline can protect her from Lestat, Armand and the others
(c) Because Madeline is lonely
(d) Because she knows Louis is hungry

Short Answer Questions

1. Louis finds Lestat holding something in his hands that makes him certain Claudia is dead. What is the item?

2. What happens to the bodies of Madeline and Claudia?

3. What does Louis find in the hotel room when he returns to Claudia after having talked to Armand?

4. Why does Louis discover there are no human guards at the theater?

5. What does Armand say about the number of vampires who live together?

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