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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The woman at the inn gives Louis a crucifix. Why?
(a) She believes it will protect him as he travels
(b) She hopes it will kill Claudia
(c) She has realized it does her no good
(d) She fears Louis

2. What feat does Armand challenge Louis to accomplish with him, though Louis is afraid to try?
(a) To jump from a roof
(b) To climb to the tower of a house
(c) To move into the theatre
(d) To live without Claudia

3. What is the name of the first Parisian vampire encountered by Louis and who Louis calls "trickster?"
(a) Celeste
(b) Denis
(c) Armand
(d) Santiago

4. What argument does Armand use in his attempt to persuade Louis to move from the hotel into the theatre?
(a) That the rent's cheaper
(b) That there's safety in numbers
(c) That it's
(d) That he should be with his own kind

5. What is the number one cause of death among vampires, according to Armand?
(a) They haven't the stamina for immortality
(b) They are killed by other vampires
(c) They are caught in the sunlight
(d) They starve

6. Why does Armand say Madeline and Claudia must leave Paris?
(a) Santiago and the others are suspicious of them
(b) So that Louis and Armand can begin learning from each other
(c) So that Claudia and Madeline can effectively bond
(d) So that Louis can be truly free of her

7. What sound and smell alert Louis to the approach of a vampire at the ruins?
(a) A limping step and the scent of blood
(b) A shuffling step and the scent of decaying earth
(c) A limping step and the smell of a corpse
(d) A quick step and the scent of a human

8. Louis asks Armand if vampires are the children of Satan. What is Armand's response?
(a) That Satan and God are one
(b) That Satan has no children, therefore vampires can't be his
(c) That even Satan is the child of God, therefore so are vampires
(d) That vampires, except for Claudia, are not children

9. What three things does Armand say can kill a vampire?
(a) Fire, a stake to the heart and the heat of the sun
(b) Fire, dismemberment and the heat of the sun
(c) Holy water, a stake to the heart and the heat of the sun
(d) Freezing cold, dismemberment and the heat of the sun

10. What sound alerts Louis to the fact that he's being followed by another vampire?
(a) Applause
(b) A whistle
(c) Footsteps
(d) A heartbeat

11. What does Armand hand to Louis on their first meeting?
(a) A watch
(b) A card with the name of the theatre
(c) A China doll
(d) A cup

12. How is Louis restrained by the other vampires as Claudia and Madeline are killed?
(a) A theatre
(b) A cell
(c) A tower
(d) A coffin

13. What is Louis reminded of when he sees the bodies of Claudia and Madeline?
(a) Estelle and Celeste as they pretended to be dead on stage
(b) The mother and daughter who were killed by Claudia in the house in New Orleans
(c) A vampire and his slave as they lay in death
(d) Claudia's own mother as she lay dead with Claudia when Louis first found them

14. How many vampires feed on the young girl on stage during the theater performance?
(a) Fifteen
(b) Seven
(c) Six
(d) One

15. What does Madeline say she wants to do to the doll shop?
(a) Burn it
(b) Live in it
(c) Abandon it
(d) Sell it

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Armand?

2. Louis says that one of Claudia's similarities to Lestat was in her preference regarding the amount of light. What is Claudia's preference on this point?

3. What object was Emily found to be holding when her body was discovered?

4. What building remains virtually intact among the ruins where the vampires stay?

5. Who has the strange vampire brought to the ruins when he meets Louis and Claudia?

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