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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the fuel Louis uses to set the theater on fire?
(a) Kerosene
(b) Gas
(c) Diesel
(d) Candle wax

2. Louis meets a man outside the theater after having talked to Armand. What does the drunk man offer?
(a) To bring Claudia to Louis
(b) To feed Louis
(c) To paint Louis
(d) To sleep with Louis

3. Why does Louis discover there are no human guards at the theater?
(a) They went away with Lestat
(b) They had all been turned to vampires
(c) The rescue people pulled them from the fire
(d) Armand sent them away

4. Louis encounters a man named Morgan at an inn. What does Louis discover about Morgan's wife, Emily?
(a) Emily died of shock after having witnessed the beheading of a corpse
(b) She was bitten by a vampire and is now only sleeping
(c) She has no obvious wounds but the villagers want to drive a stake into her chest just to be safe
(d) She's been bitten by a vampire and the villagers want to drive a stake into her chest

5. Who does Louis find waiting for him at the theater?
(a) Claudia
(b) Madeline
(c) Lestat
(d) Armand

6. What was the name of the ship on which Louis and Claudia travel to Europe?
(a) The Mariana
(b) The Pointe du Lac
(c) The Explorer
(d) The Mississippi

7. Louis asks Armand if vampires are the children of Satan. What is Armand's response?
(a) That even Satan is the child of God, therefore so are vampires
(b) That Satan and God are one
(c) That Satan has no children, therefore vampires can't be his
(d) That vampires, except for Claudia, are not children

8. What building remains virtually intact among the ruins where the vampires stay?
(a) The stable
(b) The outter wall
(c) The inn
(d) The monestary

9. In Louis's dream, whose grave does his sister visit?
(a) Lestat's
(b) His own
(c) Their mother's
(d) Paul's

10. Where does she get the cards she plays with?
(a) She brought them from home
(b) From a fellow passenger
(c) Lestat bought them for her
(d) Louis bought them for her

11. What does Dennis "offer" to Louis?
(a) His seat
(b) His blood
(c) His wine
(d) His coffin

12. In the play, what instrument is carried by the vampire who portrays Death?
(a) A scythe
(b) A shovel
(c) A sickle
(d) A noose

13. What is Santiago's fate?
(a) He dies in the sunlight
(b) He is burned to death
(c) Louis cuts off his head
(d) He falls to his death

14. What argument does Armand use in his attempt to persuade Louis to move from the hotel into the theatre?
(a) That the rent's cheaper
(b) That there's safety in numbers
(c) That he should be with his own kind
(d) That it's

15. What is the greatest crime a vampire can commit?
(a) Killing a child
(b) Killing another vampire
(c) Leaving a victim to suffer
(d) Making a child into a vampire

Short Answer Questions

1. The man named Morgan describes a scene he witnessed in which the grave of a suspected vampire was dug up. What does he say about the woman in the coffin and of her fate?

2. Louis finds Lestat holding something in his hands that makes him certain Claudia is dead. What is the item?

3. Why does Claudia say that Louis must drink of Madeline's blood?

4. Where does Claudia plan that she and Louis will travel once they reach Europe?

5. Why does Armand say Madeline and Claudia must leave Paris?

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