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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do they hide what happened to the man?
(a) Puts it beside the road so that it looks like a robbery
(b) Buries it on the plantation
(c) Hides it in the swamp
(d) Takes it to New Orleans

2. What does Lestat say will be their relationship to the little girl?
(a) That she's their slave
(b) That she's to be Lestat's alone
(c) That she'll now help them kill
(d) That she's their daughter

3. What do Louis and Claudia discover has happened to the young musician once they see him just before midnight?
(a) He's dressed in a cape
(b) He's near death
(c) He's holding up Lestat
(d) He's become a vampire

4. Who does Louis name overseer after the death of his own overseer?
(a) His brother-in-law
(b) The Franier boy
(c) A slave
(d) His sister

5. What does Claudia say will be the outcome if Louis interferes with her plan to kill Lestat?
(a) That Lestat will escape
(b) That they won't be able to leave
(c) That Louis will be killed
(d) That she'll be killed

6. What does Louis learn is Babette's fate?
(a) That she lost the plantation and killed herself
(b) That she went insane and died young
(c) That she lived happily to an old age
(d) That she died in childbirth

7. What is Claudia's reaction when Louis tells her the story of how she became a vampire?
(a) That she loves Louis for his pity on her and hates Lestat
(b) That she loves both Louis and Lestat
(c) That she hates both Louis and Lestat
(d) That she hates Louis for trying to kill her and loves Lestat for saving her life

8. What does option does Lestat give Claudia on her first day with him?
(a) To leave to find her mother
(b) To become a vampire or die
(c) To sleep with Lestat or with Louis
(d) To drink more from the slave boy who was dead

9. After leaving the hotel, where do Louis and Lestat live?
(a) In a town house on the Rue Royale
(b) In a secure courtyard
(c) They return to Pointe du Lac
(d) In a tailor's shop

10. What trick does Claudia often use to find a victim for feeding?
(a) Pretending fear at the theater
(b) Pretending to be lost in a coffee shop
(c) She cries and waits for Lestat to kill for her
(d) Waiting in the square for some kindly person to find her

11. As Louis talks with his interviewer, he notes the flask in the young man's back pocket and suggests that he take a drink. What was the young man's response?
(a) That he didn't think it would be polite
(b) That he's afraid to get drunk
(c) That he desperately needs a drink
(d) That he has nothing in the flask

12. What does Lestate say will happen to Louis if he is outdoors in the sunshine?
(a) He'll evaporate
(b) Nothing, it's another of the myths about vampires
(c) He'll die because his blood would dry up
(d) He'll burn up

13. Where was Paul buried?
(a) Pointe du Lac
(b) Divisadero
(c) St. Louis Cemetery
(d) New Orleans Cemetery

14. Where does Lestat want to do after Pointe du Lac is burned?
(a) To New Orleans
(b) To the oratory
(c) To the marshes
(d) To the Frenier planatation

15. How does the Freniere boy die?
(a) He drowns
(b) He's shot following a duel
(c) He's stabbed during a duel
(d) He's killed by Lestat

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens the first time Louis drinks the blood of his own victim?

2. How does the house come to be on fire as Louis and Lestat fight?

3. What does Lestat call the little girl?

4. How does Lestat teach Louis it's possible to travel by ship?

5. When Claudia returns home just as they are planning to leave for Europe, who does she say has followed her?

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