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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to keep Louis from killing the girl?
(a) Lestat stops him
(b) He believes she's died but she hasn't
(c) He passes out
(d) Her heart momentarily stops beating

2. What advice does Louis give Babette when she is facing the scorn of the community for taking the reins of her family's plantation?
(a) To throw a charity ball
(b) To marry
(c) To find someone else to run the plantation
(d) To ignore them

3. What is the boy's initial reaction to the news that Louis is a vampire?
(a) He's afraid
(b) He wants to become a vampire also
(c) He doesn't believe it
(d) He runs away

4. What physical effect does the drinking of blood have on a vampire, according to Louis?
(a) It warms his body
(b) It makes him pale
(c) It leaves him drugged
(d) It has no effect

5. Who does Louis kill just before burning Pointe du Lac?
(a) Daniel the slave
(b) Paul
(c) Babette
(d) Lestat

6. What does Louis say he discovered about Lestat's chief reason for killing as a vampire?
(a) It's the need to survive
(b) It's only his need for blood that drives him
(c) It's revenge
(d) It's sadness at his plight

7. What request does Lestat's father make as he lies dying in his bed?
(a) That Lestat forgive him for brining him home from school
(b) That Lestat end his father's life
(c) That Lestate kill himself
(d) That Lestate give up killing

8. What happens the first time Louis drinks the blood of his own victim?
(a) He gets sick
(b) He faints
(c) He completes the transition to become a vampire
(d) He asks for more

9. What present does Claudia bring to Lestat?
(a) A new casket
(b) Wine
(c) A woman of the evening
(d) Two young boys

10. How do they hide what happened to the man?
(a) Buries it on the plantation
(b) Puts it beside the road so that it looks like a robbery
(c) Takes it to New Orleans
(d) Hides it in the swamp

11. What does Lestat say will be their relationship to the little girl?
(a) That she'll now help them kill
(b) That she's their slave
(c) That she's their daughter
(d) That she's to be Lestat's alone

12. Where did Louis go when Pointe du Lac burned?
(a) To the slave quarters
(b) To New Orleans
(c) To the marsh
(d) To the Freniere plantation

13. What change does Claudia prompt in Louis?
(a) That he wear capes every day
(b) That he change his austere black clothing for softer styles and colors
(c) That he wear bright colors
(d) That he wear red-lined jackets

14. Lestat kills two women in the New Orleans hotel room. What does he do with their bodies?
(a) Drops them on the floor where he leaves them
(b) Places them in his coffin
(c) Hides them
(d) Poses them at the dining table

15. What does Lestat call the little girl?
(a) Carleena
(b) Claudia
(c) Candy
(d) Corina

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Louis kill one of the women in their hotel room?

2. What does the little girl ask as soon as she's revived?

3. What did Louis say would happen to Lestat if he harmed anyone on the Freniere plantation?

4. What plan does Claudia concoct in order that she and Louis escape Lestat?

5. What activity is Lestat engaged in when Louis orders him away from the plantation?

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