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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Louis cite as his last memory as a human?
(a) His heartbeat as he died
(b) His last sunrise
(c) The way Lestat looked at him
(d) The death of his brother

2. How do they hide what happened to the man?
(a) Puts it beside the road so that it looks like a robbery
(b) Takes it to New Orleans
(c) Buries it on the plantation
(d) Hides it in the swamp

3. What does Louis feel when Claudia wants a coffin of her own?
(a) Afraid for her
(b) Wounded
(c) Indifferent
(d) Relieved

4. After leaving the hotel, where do Louis and Lestat live?
(a) They return to Pointe du Lac
(b) In a town house on the Rue Royale
(c) In a tailor's shop
(d) In a secure courtyard

5. What is the condition of Louis and Claudia as they leave the house?
(a) Claudia is near dead and racing ahead of Louis
(b) Claudia is dragging Louis because he fears leaving Lestat
(c) Louis is draggin Claudia because she fears leaving Lestat
(d) Their clothing is singed and Louis is carrying Claudia

6. What does Lestat say will be their relationship to the little girl?
(a) That she's their slave
(b) That she's to be Lestat's alone
(c) That she's their daughter
(d) That she'll now help them kill

7. What did Paul aspire to become?
(a) A farmer
(b) A priest
(c) A vampire
(d) A journalist

8. What request does Lestat's father make as he lies dying in his bed?
(a) That Lestat end his father's life
(b) That Lestate kill himself
(c) That Lestate give up killing
(d) That Lestat forgive him for brining him home from school

9. How does Louis intend to live following the burning of Point du Lac?
(a) He has investments in many different names
(b) He plans to take the Frenier plantation
(c) He and Lestat can steal what they need
(d) He has no plan

10. What is Claudia's reaction when Louis tells her the story of how she became a vampire?
(a) That she hates both Louis and Lestat
(b) That she loves both Louis and Lestat
(c) That she hates Louis for trying to kill her and loves Lestat for saving her life
(d) That she loves Louis for his pity on her and hates Lestat

11. What excuse does Louis offer so that he can miss his mother's funeral?
(a) He must tend Lestat's father
(b) He is away on business
(c) He doesn't want to see his sister
(d) He has a malarial chill

12. When Claudia and Louis are watching outside for the person she claims followed her home, they hear a noise. Who is in the house at that point?
(a) The police
(b) Lestat
(c) A child
(d) The musician

13. What is the reaction of the priest when Louis goes into the confessional and claims to be immortal?
(a) He is angry, accusing Louis of making a joke and asking if he has no fear of God
(b) He protects himself with a cross, forcing Louis from the church
(c) He threatens to turn Louis in to the authorities
(d) He believes Louis to be honestly troubled and urges him to go on

14. How does Paul die?
(a) He falls down some steps
(b) Lestat drains him of his blood
(c) He hangs himself
(d) He is shot

15. What advice does Louis give Babette when she is facing the scorn of the community for taking the reins of her family's plantation?
(a) To marry
(b) To ignore them
(c) To find someone else to run the plantation
(d) To throw a charity ball

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Louis do following the death of the Franiere boy?

2. Who does Louis name overseer after the death of his own overseer?

3. What group is it that proves to be a problem as Louis and Lestat try to keep their true identities secret?

4. What does Claudia hit Lestat with as Lestat and Louis fight on the night Louis and Claudia plan to leave for Europe?

5. What does Claudia say will be the outcome if Louis interferes with her plan to kill Lestat?

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