Interview with the Vampire Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the sounds Louis described as Lestat took his life.

The sounds of two drums that were actually his and Lestat's heartbeats.

2. Why does Lestat want Louis to become a vampire?

He wants control of Louis's plantation, Pointe du Lac.

3. What actions happen between Lestat and Louis in order for Louis to become a vampire?

Lestat first drank Louis's blood, almost causing his death. Lestate then cut his own wrists and Louis drank from Lestat.

4. What is Louis's reaction when he and Lestat dispose of the overseer's body.

He worries about the impact on the man's wife, because they've made him look like he was robbed while drunk.

5. What does Louis say is the reaction of the priest when Louis confesses that he cannot live with himself after Paul's death?

The priest says there's nothing wrong with Louis except self-indulgence. He says that it's easier to believe in evil than in good and that Louis's reaction to Paul's claim of visions is a normal human reaction.

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