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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Section 3 (Pages 61-90).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What claim did Paul make that prompted the argument with Louis?
(a) That he was a priest
(b) That he was able to run the planation alone
(c) That he was a vampire
(d) That he was seeing visions

2. How does the Freniere boy die?
(a) He's killed by Lestat
(b) He drowns
(c) He's stabbed during a duel
(d) He's shot following a duel

3. What has caused a great increase in the number of orphans
(a) Children running away from home
(b) Parents abandoning children
(c) Plague killing parents
(d) Vampires killing parents

4. How does Louis find the child?
(a) Lestat leads him to her
(b) He hears her crying
(c) He sees her playing
(d) He finds her walking toward home

5. What does Lestat do with the child's mother when he finds Louis with the little girl?
(a) Drinks from her blood
(b) Puts her in his coffin
(c) Dances with her
(d) Kills her

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Louis help Lestat kill first?

2. How does Louis intend to live following the burning of Point du Lac?

3. Where was Paul buried?

4. What question does Louis pose to Lestat regarding the death of the second girl in their New Orleans hotel room following the burning of Pointe du Lac?

5. Where did Louis go when Pointe du Lac burned?

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