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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Section 4 (Pages 91-120).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lestat discover when he tries to leave the following night?
(a) That the room is flooded
(b) That it's too light to leave
(c) That Louis is too drunk to leave
(d) That Babette has locked them in

2. What does Lestat do to the little girl after Louis almost kills her by drinking her blood?
(a) Takes her to his coffin
(b) Has her bite Louis in order to become a vampire
(c) Gives her a glass of blood to make her a vampire
(d) Gives her his own blood to make her into a vampire

3. When Lestat kills two who have been drinking wine, he himself feels the effects. What does he say about the feeling?
(a) He wants Louis to find an inebriated person of his own
(b) That there's no effect
(c) That he wants more
(d) That he doesn't like it

4. What has caused a great increase in the number of orphans
(a) Vampires killing parents
(b) Children running away from home
(c) Parents abandoning children
(d) Plague killing parents

5. How does the Freniere boy die?
(a) He's shot following a duel
(b) He drowns
(c) He's killed by Lestat
(d) He's stabbed during a duel

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Louis say would happen to Lestat if he harmed anyone on the Freniere plantation?

2. What does Lestat tell the doctor in order to have the little girl released to him?

3. What does Babette hit Louis with as he is preparing to leave the plantation?

4. What happens the first time Louis drinks the blood of his own victim?

5. Who does Louis name overseer after the death of his own overseer?

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