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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Section 2 (Pages 181-200).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the man who secures the room for Lestat and Louis once they arrive in New Orleans from the Freniere plantation?
(a) Lestat kills him
(b) He doesn't return
(c) Louis kills him
(d) He takes his payment and flees

2. What does Lestat say is true of his relationship with Louis?
(a) That Louis is physically superior but mentally inferior to Lestat
(b) That they are partners
(c) That Louis will never be the killer a vampire must be
(d) That Louis is his slave

3. The woman at the inn gives Louis a crucifix. Why?
(a) She has realized it does her no good
(b) She fears Louis
(c) She believes it will protect him as he travels
(d) She hopes it will kill Claudia

4. What kind of person does Louis say Lestat preferred, especially for his first kill of the evening?
(a) He preferred animals
(b) A fresh young girl
(c) A wealthy person
(d) A slave

5. How does the house come to be on fire as Louis and Lestat fight?
(a) Lestat threw the lamp at Louis
(b) Louis threw the lamp at Lestat
(c) Lestat set the fire in order to get into the house
(d) Claudia scattered hot coals as she grabbed the poker

Short Answer Questions

1. When Claudia and Louis are watching outside for the person she claims followed her home, they hear a noise. Who is in the house at that point?

2. What does Louis tell the people at the inn when he returns from the ruins?

3. As Louis talks with his interviewer, he notes the flask in the young man's back pocket and suggests that he take a drink. What was the young man's response?

4. What does Babette hit Louis with as he is preparing to leave the plantation?

5. Who does Louis kill just before burning Pointe du Lac?

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