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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Section 2 (Pages 181-200).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The woman at the inn gives Louis a crucifix. Why?
(a) She believes it will protect him as he travels
(b) She hopes it will kill Claudia
(c) She fears Louis
(d) She has realized it does her no good

2. When Lestat realizes that there was something wrong with him, what does Claudia tell him about the blood of the boy she'd given him as a gift?
(a) That Louis persuaded her
(b) That it was tainted with absinthe and laudanum
(c) That there was nothing wrong
(d) That the boy was sick with the plague

3. Where does Lestat want to do after Pointe du Lac is burned?
(a) To New Orleans
(b) To the oratory
(c) To the Frenier planatation
(d) To the marshes

4. As Louis talks with his interviewer, he notes the flask in the young man's back pocket and suggests that he take a drink. What was the young man's response?
(a) That he didn't think it would be polite
(b) That he desperately needs a drink
(c) That he has nothing in the flask
(d) That he's afraid to get drunk

5. Who killed Lestat's father?
(a) Daniel the slave
(b) The Frenier boy
(c) Louis
(d) Lestat

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Louis and Claudia go after their battle with the strange vampire?

2. What does the woman at the Inn give Louis as he prepares to leave?

3. How does Louis dispose of Lestat's body?

4. What present does Claudia bring to Lestat?

5. What activity is Lestat engaged in when Louis orders him away from the plantation?

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