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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Section 2 (Pages 241-270).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After leaving the hotel, where do Louis and Lestat live?
(a) They return to Pointe du Lac
(b) In a secure courtyard
(c) In a town house on the Rue Royale
(d) In a tailor's shop

2. Louis encounters a man named Morgan at an inn. What does Louis discover about Morgan's wife, Emily?
(a) She's been bitten by a vampire and the villagers want to drive a stake into her chest
(b) Emily died of shock after having witnessed the beheading of a corpse
(c) She has no obvious wounds but the villagers want to drive a stake into her chest just to be safe
(d) She was bitten by a vampire and is now only sleeping

3. What is the greatest crime a vampire can commit?
(a) Leaving a victim to suffer
(b) Killing a child
(c) Making a child into a vampire
(d) Killing another vampire

4. What happens to keep Louis from killing the girl?
(a) Lestat stops him
(b) He passes out
(c) Her heart momentarily stops beating
(d) He believes she's died but she hasn't

5. What is Claudia's reaction when Louis tells her the story of how she became a vampire?
(a) That she hates Louis for trying to kill her and loves Lestat for saving her life
(b) That she loves both Louis and Lestat
(c) That she loves Louis for his pity on her and hates Lestat
(d) That she hates both Louis and Lestat

Short Answer Questions

1. What two women does Louis remember from the vampires introduced to him following the performance?

2. How many vampires live in Armand's group?

3. What does the little girl ask as soon as she's revived?

4. What does Lestat have done to the walls of Claudia's room?

5. What card game does Claudia enjoy playing during her time on the ship?

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