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Divisadero Street - The room where the vampire meets with the boy for the interview in San Francisco.

Pointe du Lac - Louis' mortal plantation home.

New Orleans - The city where much of the action of the first half of Louis' story takes place.

The French Quarter - This is where Louis, Lestat, and Claudia live together for almost seventy years.

St. Louis Cemetery - Louis' brother Paul is buried in this New Orleans cemetery along with other family members.

Paris - The European city Louis and Claudia visit where they finally encounter other vampires such as themselves.

Theatre of the Vampires - This theater in the heart of Paris is owned and operated by vampires with performances by invitation-only.

Montmartre Cemetery - Where Louis stays before he destroys the Theatre de Vampires.

The Garden District - This is where Louis finds Lestat living in...

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