Interview with the Vampire Character Descriptions

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Louis de Pointe du Lac - The vampire who grants the interview. He is a mortal man, twenty-four years old when he becomes a vampire, and soon determines that he won't kill humans though he later does the bidding of another.

Lestat - The vampire that makes Louis a vampire. He was young in mortal life when he was taken, somewhere in his early-twenties and exhibits a complete disregard for humanity.

Claudia - The young girl who became a vampire at five years of age and who eventually comes to forget her life as a human.

Armand - The self-proclaimed oldest living vampire at almost four hundred years of age and leader of the vampire.

Santiago - The trickster vampire who taunts Louis on the streets of Paris.

The Boy - The interviewer.

Babette Freniere - The older sister of a young man who encountered the...

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