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Part 1, Section 1 (Pages 1-30)

• A boy interviews Louis, a vampire, in San Francisco.

• Louis says he felt responsible for his younger brother's death and called for death to relieve him of his pain.

• A vampire named Lestat answered the call, aiding Louis into the world of the immortals and making him a vampire.

Part 1, Section 2 (Pages 31-60)

• Louis and Lestat conflict over Lestat's disregard for humanity and Louis's failure to show the nature of a vampire.

• Lestat plans to kill a young boy of the Freniere family but Louis intervenes.

• Louis obeys Lestat's command to kill Lestat's father and the two vampires hide in the home of the Frenieres.

Part 1, Section 3 (Pages 61-90)

• Babette, the girl harboring Louis and Lestat, comes to the conclusion that the two are of the devil.

• Louis and Lestat conflict again over "hunting" practices with Louis drinking from a young girl but not...

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