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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Shoba give Shukumar for their first wedding anniversary?
(a) Candles.
(b) Knitted scarf.
(c) Sweater vest.
(d) Watch.

2. What happens to the piece of paper Mr. Kapasi gave Mrs. Das?
(a) She tears into peices.
(b) It flutters away.
(c) He slips it out of her purse.
(d) The monkeys take it.

3. How soon is the baby due when Shukumar goes to an academic conference?
(a) Three weeks.
(b) Three months.
(c) Six weeks.
(d) Two months.

4. What is the name of the Indian sun god that the Das family see statues of at the Sun Temple?
(a) Suri.
(b) Savatar.
(c) Suez.
(d) Surya.

5. Lilia treats the little candies Mr. Pirzada brings her like what?
(a) Weapons.
(b) Pets.
(c) Jewels.
(d) Threats.

6. What game do Mr. Pirzada and Lilia's parents play each night?
(a) Monopoly.
(b) Scrabble.
(c) Checkers.
(d) Backgammon.

7. What did Lilia stop doing each night so as not to ruin her prayer for Mr. Pirzada's family?
(a) Washing her face.
(b) Saying goodnight.
(c) Brushing her teeth.
(d) Sleeping in her bed.

8. What do the excited Das children see from the car as they drive through India?
(a) Dogs.
(b) Elephants.
(c) Cows.
(d) Monkeys.

9. What is the final secret Shoba reveals to Shukumar?
(a) The sex of their baby.
(b) She wants to move out.
(c) She was unfaithful.
(d) She hates him.

10. In what room in the house does Shukumar work on his dissertation?
(a) The nursery.
(b) The living room.
(c) The kitchen.
(d) The bedroom.

11. What is Lilia's mother's occupation?
(a) Salesperson.
(b) Professor.
(c) Homemaker.
(d) Bank teller.

12. What language does Mr. Kapasi translate for the doctor he works with?
(a) French.
(b) Gujarati.
(c) Hindi.
(d) English.

13. What did Mrs. Dalal promise to bring Boori Ma from her trip?
(a) A blanket.
(b) A trinket.
(c) A picture.
(d) A new sari.

14. Who does Boori Ma say her third daughter married?
(a) A toilet salesman.
(b) A professor.
(c) A landowner.
(d) A school principal.

15. What does Mrs. Das do in the car as her family drives through In India?
(a) Reads the guide book.
(b) Sings to the children.
(c) Paints her nails.
(d) Looks out the window.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Boori Ma claim she was before coming to the building.

2. What is on the front of Mrs. Das' shirt that keeps attracting Mr. Kapasi's eyes?

3. How long has Mr. Kapasi been a tour guide?

4. Where does Boori Ma sleep?

5. What important function did the residents think Boori Ma did for them?

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