Interpreter of Maladies Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is the electricity being turned off in Shoba and Shukumar's neighborhood in "A Temporary Matter"?

An electrical line is down from the last snowstorm. Power to their neighborhood is being turned off at eight nightly for an hour over the next five days to make repairs.

2. What happens when Shukumar attends an academic conference in Baltimore during Shoba's pregnancy?

Shukumar attends a September academic conference in Baltimore. At the conference he receives a phone message from the hospital. By the time he gets to Boston their baby is delivered dead. Shoba is asleep in a small private room. She has had a cesarean delivery but it was not soon enough to save the baby.

3. Why does Shukumar not look forward to the weekends when Shoba is home?

Shukumar does not look forward to weekends. Shukamar and Shoba avoid each other by staying on separate floors of their three-bedroom house. Shoba spends her time working. Shukumar does not play music in the house for fear of disturbing her. He thinks they will get over the baby's death.

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