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Lesson 1 (from "A Temporary Matter")


"A Temporary Matter"

The objective of this lesson is understanding the character of Shukumar and what he represents both in the story and society.


1. Describe Shukumar. How did the baby's death change him? How does he spend his days? What does he envy about Shoba? What is his marriage like? What does he think the future holds for him? Answer fully in paragraphs and then discuss as a class.

2. Shukumar recalls seeing Shoba pregnant for the last time. Describe that scene in the story. What is the significance of the taxi ride? How does Shukumar view becoming a father? Is he representative of most men his age? Why or why not? Answer fully in paragraphs.

3. Shoba reminds Shukumar that his dentist appointment is Friday. He remembers he did not brush his teeth again that morning. Why do you think Shukumar rarely leaves the house? What...

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