Interpreter of Maladies Character Descriptions

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Shoba - This character works in downtown Boston as a textbook editor.

Shukumar's Mother - During this character's visit, a lie is told about working late.

Gillian - This character drives to the hospital when the expectant mother goes into labor.

The Baby - A secret is kept about this character until a dark night.

Lilia - This character tries to read about Pakistan, but is told by a teacher that it doesn't matter.

Mr. Pirzada - This character lives in Boston on a government grant to study New England foliage.

Mr. Pirzada's Wife - This character stays in Dacca until war breaks out.

Mr. Pirzada's Daughters - These characters are not heard from for six months.

Lilia's Father - This character watches the news every night.

Lilia's Mother - This character prepares meals for countrymen of the India-Pakistan area who live in or are visiting America...

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